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March 18, 2014

A weeknight out

A weeknight out

This is something I’ve worn on a casual weeknight out to the restaurant across the street.  If you want to be a little nicer, you can replace the leggings with something slightly more presentable – like some fun Caché pants or a pair of skinny jeans.

Crazily enough, I got a foot injury at soccer that made it much easier/less painful to wear heels than flats.  So I ended up wearing a pair of black pumps with silver back.  These Jimmy Choos have similar coloring, and so do these from DSW in a more moderate price range.

Instead of this blue top, I had a similarly shaped gray top that I found (unbelievably) at a thrift shop several years ago.  It’s my favorite sweater ever.  I couldn’t really find anything else like it online, but this sweater comes close.  Victoria’s Secret also has a low key option.

The leather jacket is something I got pretty recently, and mine is slightly different.  Belle from Capitol Hill Style has some good tips on how to select a leather jacket.  I love how the ruffle makes it a little more feminine.  I also got mine tailored – something I usually have to do for jackets.  Here’s a useful post on tailoring from Recovering Shopaholic.

February 16, 2014

La moto en été

La moto en été

In honor of the one-year anniversary of having purchased my Honda CBR600RR,  I’d like to anticipate another great year with my bike with a post about my summer outfit (above).

My Spidi jacket is from two years ago, so it looks a little different than the one above.  It’s mesh, so it’s easy to hand wash.  My boots are Michael Kors and Nine West, not Jimmy Choo.  My blue t-shirt is my favorite thing to layer under the jacket, although if it’s super hot in DC traffic, I often switch to a sleeveless top.

February 6, 2014

Layer up

Layer up

In winter on a motorcycle, layering is key.  I love having a big chunky sweater to wear on top of other layers.  I have this one from H&M in black and white.  This top is out of stock now, but this sequin sweater or this funnel neck sweatshirt would also work.

While my layers are often more functional and warmer than the leopard print top above, I do like how the two look together when the long sleeves of the leopard print top peek out from the sweater.  My leopard print top is from Ann Taylor, but it is similar to the one above.

For legs, I wear Zella leggings and leg warmers, unless I need to look nicer, in which case I skip the leg warmers.  For leg warmers, I ordered these in gray, but they looked a little brown when they showed up.  I like how they fit, though.  I also wear some older ones I have that are dark gray.

Black boots can be both functional and beautiful – my Nine West ones can be worn anywhere and even survived a minor motorcycle crash last week.

Depending on where I’m going, I’ll throw earrings and/or purse in my jacket and be ready to look presentable when I show up at my destination.

January 10, 2014

La moto en hiver

La moto en hiver

While my bike is actually a Honda cbr600rr, and I couldn’t find my Michael Kors or Nine West boots online anymore, this is basically what I wear on a daily basis. The facemask is especially a lifesaver for winter.  I also usually add a cowl neck sweater or two, depending on how cold it is.  Roadgear coconut socks courtesy of Choiloi and Zanahoria keep my feet warm, and a second layer of gloves and handwarmers keep my hands warm.  Thanks to the amazing for recommending the Zella leggings – I love them!