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January 21, 2014

Vivid Karet Vodka Series: Strawberry

strawberry vodka

We go through a lot of vodka, so it was time to make another one.  This time, we infused our vodka with organic frozen strawberries from Whole Foods.  If you are using a wide mouth container, be sure to cover it so it doesn’t evaporate.  We plan to mix it with ginger ale, sprite, or seltzer.  We’ll to add a splash of lime. 

Happy snow day! 

January 12, 2014

Vivid Karet Vodka Series: Grapefruit and Raspberry

Grapefruit and raspberries

This week, we made vodka infused with grapefruit and raspberries.  We used a cup of frozen raspberries, because it’s what we had on hand, and we peeled one grapefruit before we put it in our handle of vodka.

We recommend using Skyy vodka, because it comes in a blue bottle.  The raspberries will turn white and look gross, and the blue bottle will hide them.  After you put in the fruit, we put the little plastic piece at the top of the bottle back in.  This kept stray raspberries from coming out when we poured it.

grapefruit raspberry

We mixed with one-part vodka, one-part ginger ale, and added some more frozen raspberries. Enjoy!

July 26, 2012

An amazing margarita by Choiloi

My favorite drink for a while has been the “Amor Prohibido” from Front Page:

100% agave tequila, passion fruit, ginger and a hint of jalepeno served up

That said, I don’t particularly enjoy heading down to Front Page on a regular basis.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and put some jalepenos in my tequila at home.  After a couple weeks, choiloi broke it out and made me an amazing margarita:

One shot of jalepeno-infused tequila
One shot of Triple sec
Splash of lime juice
A little honey
A little coriander

Put it in the Margaritaville, and you’re all set.  Or pour over ice.

June 5, 2012

Sore throat

What is a girl to do when she has a sore throat, desperately needs a hot toddy, does not like whiskey, and does not have lemon juice?

  1. Borrow some of your roommate’s raspberry vodka
  2. Add honey
  3. Add lime juice
  4. Heat in microwave
  5. Enjoy!
December 24, 2011

No more fruitcake

Are you sick of fruitcake and want something else to send to relatives, etc?  If so, I recommend Mallon’s Sticky Buns.  

Each summer, my family spends a week in Ocean City, NJ with my godmother and her family, and sticky buns have become somewhat of a breakfast tradition.  What I did not realize until I checked mail the other day was that it is possible to order these online and send them to people for Christmas.  (A big thank you to my godmother!!!)

I have also found that these sticky buns go well with Mystic Monk coffee. We’re in the coffee of the month club, so we don’t have to ever fear running out of coffee in the morning (which would be a seriously tragic situation).

Another fun coffee I would recommend is actually also from Ocean City  – Ocean City Coffee Company makes banana flavored coffee – yum!

August 27, 2011

What to do in a hurricane

So we are currently experiencing somewhat of a hurricane in DC… And if all you have in your kitchen is cream of coconut and gin, never fear!  The combination of the two make for a great drink.  Just mix them up with some ice in the blender.

If you happen to have a spare coconut, you can:

  1. Drill three holes in the top (use a hammer and screwdriver).
  2. Empty out the juice.*
  3. Crush the rest of the coconut (use a hammer).**
  4. Separate the coconut meat from the shell (use a spoon and peel it like an avocado).
  5. Stick some of the coconut meat in the blender with the gin, ice, and cream of coconut.

Many thanks to the Embassy of the Bahamas for providing the idea for this recipe!

*Save this for later.  You can mix it with rum, ice, and sugar.
**Do not ask your husband for help with Step 3, especially if he is watching a UFC fight and football at the same time.