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January 9, 2015

Your Friday Jam: Waiting on the Maker

For anyone who has listened to even a handful of my Friday Jams (or simply taken a peek at my iTunes library), you know that I am a huge fan of The Departed, as well as their previous incarnation, Cross Canadian Ragweed.  With their latest album HippieLovePunk releasing next week on Tuesday, January 13th – this week’s jam just HAD to come from the upcoming album.  However, I had already posted all of the pre-released tracks here already, and we ain’t about reruns here.  Then, as if by Divine providence, The Departed released another track just a few days ago.

Maker is a tribute to a member of The Departed’s road crew, Lovey, who believe it or not, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before at previous shows with The Departed.  Lovey owns the distinction of being the world’s oldest roadie (it’s not like anyone fact checks these things), and the song perfectly encapsulates his laid back attitude.  And when the keys come in towards the end of the song… dear Lord.

Click on the image below to check out Maker.  Also, pre-order the new album here (they have several different packages available).

November 7, 2014

Your Friday Jam: Got it?

Just a cursory glance at my past posts will reveal that I am a huge fan of The Departed – the ultimate sound of red dirt country.  Cody Canada and Jeremy Plato of Cross Canadian Ragweed fame have refined their sound to include more of a bluesy rock sound than the older CCR albums, and it works wonders. Anytime Plato’s slapping the bass I’ll be listening.

Their newest album HippieLovePunk releases on January 7, but pre-orders are available here.  In the meantime enjoy the gritty “Got It”, track 6 from the upcoming album.

October 17, 2014

Your Friday Jam: HippieLovePunk

Here at Vivid Karet, the greatest blog that is, we like to bring you the greatest that is of everything.  The greatest band that is just happens to be releasing their latest album (which will be the greatest album that is) this coming January and the first single off of the album became available this week to wet your appetite.  Listen to “Inbetweener” from The Departed over at Rolling Stone (for some reason I am unable to embed the song directly – Rolling Stone must really need the clicks…).  Friday Jams just keep rolling in the Red Dirt.


Pre-orders are up and running for HippieLovePunk over at The Departed’s website, and a little bird told me that the first 300 pre-orders will get a signed CD (but I’ve already pre-ordered mine, so that leaves 299 for the rest of you) – get on it, people.


Yep, here’s a chaser for the shot above – a little throw back Friday to possibly Cross Canadian Ragweed’s greatest song. Happy Friday, y’all.

March 22, 2013

Your Friday Jam

Happy greatest Friday of the year!  March Madness has taken over and nobody is getting anything done at the office today, except for very long, booze infused lunches…

Here is your Friday Jam to enjoy.  I’m going in a different direction this weekend from the songs I’ve been posting recently, but this band is truly my favorite.  And if you’ve never seen The Departed in concert (or their predecessor Cross Canadian Ragweed) you haven’t lived.  Seriously check them out – they love their fans.


November 7, 2012


The new album drops on Tuesday!  CMT also has the video to the first single up and running: Worth the Fight

September 17, 2012


Enjoy “Burden“, the latest single from The Departed’s upcoming album, “Adventus”.  Check out their website (and pre-order the album soon)!

Update: The pre-sale for their latest album is up and running!