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April 20, 2014

Palm Beach Weekend

Palm Beach Weekend

Most women wear colorful clothes in Palm Beach, but despite my best efforts I’ve never been a Lily Pulitzer kind of girl (although I like it on others).  So a safe black and white is a good option.

I have a woven black clutch from Old Navy (I think) but I like this one with a strap in the $200 range.  These clutches with sea life on them are pretty fantastic.  I’m drawn to the one with the alligator, but the others could add a pop of color.  I also came across this clutch and this one  from Illinois-based Home Happens Here.

A white clutch could also work.  I like this Vince Camuto one and this one from Topshop.

There are very few wedge sandals that I like.  I try to find ones with a thinner heel so they don’t look huge.  The ones above are acceptable, although I like how they look in the picture above better than they do on the model. These come pretty close, but I prefer slip on wedges for practicality and because I feel like it elongates your leg.

For the dress, I really like this t-shirt dress by Allen Schwartz and this dress found on Zappos.  If you’re willing to spend a little more, this MILLY dress is very chic.

The item on the bottom right is actually a bracelet (not a belt).  I think it completes the look nicely.

February 20, 2014

Pool Party

Pool Party

I love this bikini – I have it in both white and black from this past season.  The earrings sparkly but not heavy so they’re good for dancing.

February 16, 2014

La moto en été

La moto en été

In honor of the one-year anniversary of having purchased my Honda CBR600RR,  I’d like to anticipate another great year with my bike with a post about my summer outfit (above).

My Spidi jacket is from two years ago, so it looks a little different than the one above.  It’s mesh, so it’s easy to hand wash.  My boots are Michael Kors and Nine West, not Jimmy Choo.  My blue t-shirt is my favorite thing to layer under the jacket, although if it’s super hot in DC traffic, I often switch to a sleeveless top.

February 14, 2014

Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands
If I were here right now, I would not be complaining.