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February 16, 2015

Spring is coming

Spring is coming

When it gets warmer, this is one way I plan to wear the blue pencil skirt I made.  I’ll wear nude pumps, a white blouse, and some fun jewelry.  Very simple, fresh, and easy.

If you don’t feel like making one or getting an Armani skirt, this Forever 21 lace skirt and this ASOS lace skirt are similar.

January 17, 2015

Blue maxi dress and further adventures in sewing


In anticipation of summer, I made myself a blue cowl neck maxi dress.  It looks (almost) as good as the one above, and fits much better than the one above would.    As a tall person (6 feet), I struggle to find maxi dresses that are long enough.  I ordered a few from Alloy last year, and they were just long enough, but not great quality.

The sewing process

For this one, I followed Meesha’s directions on YouTube, and just didn’t add on sleeves.  For the cowl neck, I traced the front of a cowl neck shirt I had.  The cowl neck actually was an advantage for me as a beginner – because it hangs down inside, you can’t see my uneven stitching at the neckline.

My first shot at making the dress was not successful – it was too big.  I ended up trying it on, pinning it as I did this shirt, and it ended up fitting perfectly along my torso. I may take in the bottom portion a little more later, but I like how it fits right now.

The result was a dress that was ten inches too long.  (As a tall person, this made me very happy.)  Before I hemmed it, though, I threw it in the washer/dryer.  While this didn’t affect the fit of the top, it ended up being five inches shorter than it had been before.  I was very glad I did this before hemming.

I decided to hem it so I could wear it with five inch heels, and I can always take it up more if I want.

Where to buy a blue maxi dress

If you’re not up for sewing or happen to be one of those lucky people who fit into clothes, here are a few options.

If you’re looking for something laid back, this dress from Revolve Clothing is affordable, and this Tommy Bahama dress looks very easy to wear.  Victoria’s Secret also has some good basic maxi dresses, but they have a pretty limited selection right now.  This black dress from Old Navy comes in tall and petite, which is nice.

If you’re going for a formal look, this one is divine for a formal occasion, as is this from the Outnet.

And finally, if you’re going for long-sleeved, this Rachel Zoe dress is fantastic.

January 10, 2015

Car shopping shoes

L'Autre Chose Chunky Heel Ankle Boots

If you spend most of your life in heels, it’s wise to wear them car shopping to make sure that your legs fit under the steering wheel.*  I wore boots with heels shaped like this (mine are Michael Kors from last year).  The heel makes them easy for walking through any snow/ice in the car lot, but gave me an idea of what it would be like for an everyday drive.

These boots are also have a good chunky heel.  If you’re not worried about snow, I like these from Charles David.

If you go in the summer, a wedge sandal would work well – good for walking and for providing an accurate idea of leg length in a car.  It’s hard to find wedge sandals (I like a light color to elongate the leg, a skinnier heel, and preferably a slip on style), but these Badgley Mischka ones come close, as do these from Jack Rogers.

*I instantly ruled out the Camry using this method.  


This post is dedicated to Little Car, 2006-2015.

January 4, 2015

In search of coral shoes

Jeannie by Badgley Mischka

My sister-in-law is getting **married** and we are wearing coral shoes!! 

I was slightly nervous about finding some, because coral is a very specific color, and, having looked through some examples, I found many that were tacky, out there, the wrong color, or the wrong material for my satin dress.

I was looking for heels that were about 4 inches tall (being tall, I feel like it’s good to wear a proportionally tall heel).  However, I do not generally enjoy tall platforms in the front.

Fortunately, I located the coral shoes section on My Glass Slipper.  I was able to get shoes that are my favorite brand,  Badgley Mischka, (and therefore will fit/be comfortable/be good for dancing the night away) and that can be dyed.  Although I don’t wear much coral, these shoes come close to my favorite shoes ever.

Runners up were Lauren by Pella Moda and Lille by Stuart Weitzman.

Hopefully these shoes turn out well in the dyeing process!

January 4, 2015

Casual Monday

Casual Monday

The Limited has been having a pretty fantastic sale, and I got these red pants and black sweater.  I don’t wear dark red and tan often, but it’s fun for a change.

Fun colored pants are gaining popularity in my office because they are fun and easy to pair with neutral tops.  Depending on the color, they can be worn in any season.  I believe the dark red will also work in the summer, perhaps with a white oxford and nude pumps.

For this outfit, I would probably also bring a blazer, just in case.

January 2, 2015

Faux fur coat

Out dancing

I agonized for a while about whether to get a black faux fur coat.  My main concern was that it would take up a lot of closet space but that I may not wear it.  Since getting it a month ago, I’ve worn it at least four or five times.  I’ve worn it for going out – it goes with anything, and it’s warmer than my other jackets I normally use for going out.  I also wore it to church on Christmas over a blue dress.  It would look good with a formal dress, as well.

Mine was a steal at H&M, but I think it’s sold out online.  I very much like the one pictured above.    This jacket from Mango comes pretty close in price, and this one from Asos is also nice, but a little more expensive.

Light colored jackets would also work, and this one from Asos and this one from Forever 21 are particularly fantastic.

For a more formal occasion, Amazon has a pretty excellent shawl and cape.

January 1, 2015

Winter workday

Winter workday

This is the other Numari dress I ordered, and it is as fantastic as my other one.  It’s very basic, and can be styled with anything really.

You can never go wrong with pearls, and they do look great with this dress.  I added a belt for fun, but I actually don’t always wear a belt with this dress — because Numari tailors it so well, I don’t feel like it’s necessary.  It’s generally better to have a coat that’s longer than your hemline, hence the long coat pictured here.

December 30, 2014

Day to night

Day to night

One of my great discoveries in 2014 is Numari.  Previously, to get a dress that fit, I would either have to order size tall and get it tailored or make it myself.  For Numari, you send an extensive list of measurements, and they make a dress for you in about three weeks.

I found out about them after reading about their company in Capitol File.  They focus on day-to-night career wear, which is exactly what I need regularly.  The one above is the second dress I’ve ordered from them.

For day: I love this H&M blazer with puff sleeves, but any basic black blazer would work. For this outfit, I like the fact that I can wear the blazer to a meeting, and then take it off if I’m running up and down stairs.  Also, it’s very easy to just throw on a dress at the beginning of the day.  All in all, it’s not a super-inspiring work outfit, but the fact that the dress fits makes it amazing.  If I was feeling slightly more festive, I might add this necklace from Ann Taylor.

For evening: Evening requires a little more glitz, hence the necklace (which would also be daytime appropriate), ring, and purse.  Almost any necklace would go with this dress, but I especially like this strand necklace and bib necklace from Bauble Bar.  For shoes, I could also go for this pump with a gold strip on the toe or this slingback.

December 28, 2014

Boatneck dress

Boatneck dress

After my recent adventures in learning to sew, I wore my new black boatneck dress to work.  (May I add that the dress cost me $3.33 in fabric.)  No one noticed my dress, which may be a good thing (I wear a lot of black dresses to work) or may have been a bad thing (no one wanted to mention my poorly hemmed skirt).  In any case, I was very happy with how it was styled with a leopard print belt and black and gold earrings.

I got my belt at Ann Taylor, but I like this Jimmy Choo one.  One the less expensive end, these from Target and the Limited are nice.

I’m very picky about leopard print for scarves.  I love mine (H&M earlier this fall), and the one pictured above is pretty fantastic.  This white and black print from Michael Kors is nice (although I would wear a different belt).

The best part was that the dress fit, something that doesn’t happen unless I drop $65 at the tailor or order a Numari dress.  Life has been busy, but I hope to start sewing again soon.

December 27, 2014

New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve

For NYE, I plan to wear a fun gold skirt with a black top and some additional sparkles.  The skirt I have is from H&M but looks like it’s sold out now.  Other options I like from H&M are this black skirt and this shiny one.

In terms of gold skirts, I love this one from the LimitedThis one from Mango is pretty good too.  I also like this black-and-gold one from Bloomingdales, which is a similar fit to the one pictured above.

I have a fun cocktail ring, also from H&M, also not available online.  I like this ring from Nordstrom (in gold), which is similar.