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April 6, 2015

Opening Day

Well, here we are.  Opening Day – the greatest day of the year.  The day where people all over this great nation are settling down in the bleachers with a cold beer and a hot dog to watch their home team kick off the baseball season on a beautiful spring day.  After the national anthem their ace pitcher will take to mound to mow down the opposing batting order.  In the bottom of the inning their stud slugger will launch a bomb over the left field wall and the fans will go crazy.  High fives will be exchanged among family, friends, and complete strangers.  This is baseball.  This is the national pastime.

People will come.

So even if you cannot make it out to the ballgame today, enjoy this great American holiday.  Put your game on the TV or the radio and celebrate baseball.

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October 18, 2014

Bro-est Bros You Knows – Episode 4

The Bro-est Bros you know cover week 7 fantasy football and preview the World Series. Host Passion Nate and his wife Affection Nate read excerpts from their new novel Present Man.

February 20, 2013

In Honor of Spring Training

Hey girl, it’s the beautiful Jayson Werth.


October 23, 2012

Sit Down

You’re time is over. Sit down.

August 29, 2012

Gangnam Style Baseball

I’m sure that you have all seen the “Gangnam Style” music video by PSY (if you haven’t, here’s the link:  How could this epic video get even more epic?  That would be an impossible task you say?  Well the MLB took on the challenge and more than delivered – adding “NBA Jam” style heads to anything automatically raises its EPICNESS LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!