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November 9, 2011

NBA Lockout


Latest deadline for a deal is 5pm today and even though both sides are still posturing as if they are on the floor of the US House of Representatives, I believe that they will get a deal done.  Even though certain members of the ownership are saying that the players “have seen their best offer”, both sides have come a long way towards the middle.  They have already basically agreed to a 50/50 revenue split, as long as the players accept a deal by this afternoon, and the players do not want the entire season to be cancelled.  Out-of-work for an entire year?  Nobody wants that, especially the players, and with the concessions already made, I think that they are just steps away from finally ending this fiasco and bringing back the 2011-2012 NBA season.

And hey, even if the season is cancelled, college hoops kicks off tonight.  Here is tonight’s schedule – I’m not sure why A&M couldn’t get national airing but Akron v. Mississippi State was able to land on ESPNU.

Update: Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and probably the most hard line of the owners (I wonder if his LeBron experience has anything to do with his attitude), apparently is in agreement with the rest of the owners on the 50/50 split.  It’s a good sign!

Update #2: It is now almost 3 hours past the deadline and they are still talking.  Another good sign!

July 26, 2011

Thoughts on the End of the NFL Lockout

I know that this is a day late, but I wanted to give my bazillion cents worth on the end of the NFL lockout.

First, the fact that we had a lockout in the first place is ludicrous.  The NFL is a $9.3 BILLION business and the owners and players split this money – not exactly a bad gig.  This lockout isn’t the same as the one in the NBA, where most teams are losing money hand over fist.  The NFL is an insanely profitable business and the lockout was simply an instance of both sides being greedy.

Second, both the owners and the players came out as winners.  The owners increased their share of revenue from 47% to 52% (5% of $9.3 billion is more than you will see in your entire lifetime).  The players, on the other hand, received a minimum spend, equating to 89% of the salary cap (basically, the owners must spend at least $107.1 million of their allotted $120.375 million salary cap) and minimum salaries are increasing across the board.  Also, no extra regular season games, at least for the time being.

Third, both sides really wanted to get this wrapped up so as not to lose any regular season games (after all, we are talking about a $9.3 billion dollar enterprise). The process was eerily similar to Capitol Hill – both sides posture and spin sound bites but in the 11th hour they finally come together to actually accomplish something.

Fourth, this coming weekend is going to be INSANE!!!!!  With the return of the pre-2010 free agency rules, 448 players will hit the unrestricted free agency market on July 28.  With pre-season games starting on August 11, we will basically have one crazy week of signings and roster changes.  What is usually spread over a several month long period is being incredibly condensed.  I, for one, am going to be glued to the rumor mill and any tweets from the NFL insiders.  It’s going to be fun and will definitely get folks ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

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July 14, 2011

The NFL and NBA Lockouts

What is a guy to do with both the NFL and NBA in a lockout? We are suppose to be planning draft parties, scoping out the new rookies, and praying our favorite team lands a star like Nnamdi. Instead we get to sit around the office, clicking refresh on ESPN, hoping we still have a season at all. It makes you wonder what the people involved in the lockout dispute are doing. Specifically, what are the players doing?

While many of the worst athletes playing professional ball still make five-fold what the typical joe schmo American makes, these are still the little guys in this legal battle. These athletes are facing what millions of Americans are currently facing, unemployment. Here is what a few of the athletes are doing to make ends meet during the lockout.

I would like to personally ask Blake Griffin and Kevin Love to come DJ my wedding.