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March 13, 2014

7 reasons it’s great to have a motorcycle in the city

motorcycle in winter

1. It’s easy to pass bicyclists.

2. You use less gas.

3. A commute becomes fun… much less road rage is involved.

4. It’s possible to go around traffic sometimes.

5. You are automatically excluded from having to give anyone a ride or having to transport any materials for anyone.

6. There are generally passers by to help you pick up your bike if it falls over.

7. **Parking.**

Update: I thought of a eighth reason on the way to work today – If you’re turning left in a busy intersection, you don’t necessarily take up a whole lane and hold up traffic.  

February 16, 2014

La moto en été

La moto en été

In honor of the one-year anniversary of having purchased my Honda CBR600RR,  I’d like to anticipate another great year with my bike with a post about my summer outfit (above).

My Spidi jacket is from two years ago, so it looks a little different than the one above.  It’s mesh, so it’s easy to hand wash.  My boots are Michael Kors and Nine West, not Jimmy Choo.  My blue t-shirt is my favorite thing to layer under the jacket, although if it’s super hot in DC traffic, I often switch to a sleeveless top.

January 10, 2014

La moto en hiver

La moto en hiver

While my bike is actually a Honda cbr600rr, and I couldn’t find my Michael Kors or Nine West boots online anymore, this is basically what I wear on a daily basis. The facemask is especially a lifesaver for winter.  I also usually add a cowl neck sweater or two, depending on how cold it is.  Roadgear coconut socks courtesy of Choiloi and Zanahoria keep my feet warm, and a second layer of gloves and handwarmers keep my hands warm.  Thanks to the amazing for recommending the Zella leggings – I love them!

March 1, 2013

My new bike

So Vivid Karet has a new member of the family, so to speak:

honda bike

I figure if I’m going to be driving around all the time, I may as well have fun on the way.

Goal #1: Master changing lanes without getting killed.

Goal #2: Master my Nazi-escaping, fence-jumping skills.

Goal #3: Become a pro: