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January 1, 2015

Winter workday

Winter workday

This is the other Numari dress I ordered, and it is as fantastic as my other one.  It’s very basic, and can be styled with anything really.

You can never go wrong with pearls, and they do look great with this dress.  I added a belt for fun, but I actually don’t always wear a belt with this dress — because Numari tailors it so well, I don’t feel like it’s necessary.  It’s generally better to have a coat that’s longer than your hemline, hence the long coat pictured here.

May 26, 2014

Summer Day to Summer Night

Black Maxi: Day to Night

A few weeks ago, I had a picnic to attend, followed by a dinner.  I wore a black maxi with daytime accessories and packed evening accessories in the car for a quick change.  I also brought a black jacket because it got cooler in the evening.  It’s amazing how a change of belt changes the entire look/feel a black maxi.

March 20, 2014

Stepping slowly into spring

Stepping slowly into spring

Happy first day of Spring!  This outfit combines an element of a winter wardrobe (black sweater dress) with a happier color.  This way, you stay a little warm if it’s chilly in the morning.  It may be nice to combine this with a black trench coat.  I like this one on the more expensive end, and I also like this one and this one from Macy’s.

March 16, 2014

Black & White

Black & White

This is an easy outfit to wear to work, and a black pencil skirt is a staple. Tim Gunn advises that a pencil skirt should fall at the bottom of the kneecap, but I’m too tall and they generally all right above my kneecap.  This bag continues to be the best thing ever.

February 26, 2014

Red pencil dress

Red pencil dress

Asos is awesome because they tell you the height of the model. I’m 5’11.75″ so this is super helpful for me in getting an idea of how things will fit.

This dress is similar although lower cut.  If you prefer sleeveless, they have this one and this one.  I love the long sleeves on this dress.