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September 27, 2014

Bro-est Bros You Knows – Episode 3

The Bro-est Bros cover a little fantasy football and UFC. Brofessor Abro stops by to discuss the history and current state of bro-fairs.

February 19, 2013

College of Music

I’m a fan of a wide variety of musical stylings.  However, over the past couple of years I have been on a hip hop kick, and not just any hip hop.  I believe the technical term is “frat music” – bros rapping about getting messed up and getting with slams (guys like Sammy Adams, Hoodie Allen, Mike Stud, and Huey Mack all aptly fit the description).  A lot of these artists aren’t very big and don’t really get radio play, so discovering them has not been an easy task.  Until I stumbled across College of Music.

College of Music is a blog promoting a number of different hip hop and electronic artists, almost all of which I have been impressed by (and a large number of which can be described as bros and frat guys).  Anyway, if you’re a bro, if you watch MMA, if you drink and wear your hat backwards on occasion, then you might want to check out some of their stuff.


UPDATE: Hoodie just released his new mixtape, “Crew Cuts”, and it is available here for free download.  Check it out!

March 7, 2012

Spider Bro

So one day I came home and there was a spider on my floor. I was about to squish him and he was like “No! Bro!” I didn’t squish him, and instead cooked a delicious dinner because I had this hot girl coming over. We were sitting down to eat, and a cockroach ran across the floor. I was like “Oh no, now she’s going to think I’m messy!” When all of a sudden out of nowhere comes SPIDER BRO. He took that cockroach down and dragged it off behind the refrigerator, and my date went off without a hitch.

My apartment was amazingly bug-free for quite a while. I had many bodacious dates.

Then one day I came home and spider bro was curled up and crispy. I took him outside and buried him, and had my landlord spray for bugs. I decided I should do some cleaning and got behind the refrigerator. There was a huge pile of bugs. Spider Bro had been saving my butt the entire time, helping me keep my apartment nice and neat.

I tell this story so that maybe you’ll think again about squishing your spider bros.