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January 2, 2015

Faux fur coat

Out dancing

I agonized for a while about whether to get a black faux fur coat.  My main concern was that it would take up a lot of closet space but that I may not wear it.  Since getting it a month ago, I’ve worn it at least four or five times.  I’ve worn it for going out – it goes with anything, and it’s warmer than my other jackets I normally use for going out.  I also wore it to church on Christmas over a blue dress.  It would look good with a formal dress, as well.

Mine was a steal at H&M, but I think it’s sold out online.  I very much like the one pictured above.    This jacket from Mango comes pretty close in price, and this one from Asos is also nice, but a little more expensive.

Light colored jackets would also work, and this one from Asos and this one from Forever 21 are particularly fantastic.

For a more formal occasion, Amazon has a pretty excellent shawl and cape.

December 30, 2014

Day to night

Day to night

One of my great discoveries in 2014 is Numari.  Previously, to get a dress that fit, I would either have to order size tall and get it tailored or make it myself.  For Numari, you send an extensive list of measurements, and they make a dress for you in about three weeks.

I found out about them after reading about their company in Capitol File.  They focus on day-to-night career wear, which is exactly what I need regularly.  The one above is the second dress I’ve ordered from them.

For day: I love this H&M blazer with puff sleeves, but any basic black blazer would work. For this outfit, I like the fact that I can wear the blazer to a meeting, and then take it off if I’m running up and down stairs.  Also, it’s very easy to just throw on a dress at the beginning of the day.  All in all, it’s not a super-inspiring work outfit, but the fact that the dress fits makes it amazing.  If I was feeling slightly more festive, I might add this necklace from Ann Taylor.

For evening: Evening requires a little more glitz, hence the necklace (which would also be daytime appropriate), ring, and purse.  Almost any necklace would go with this dress, but I especially like this strand necklace and bib necklace from Bauble Bar.  For shoes, I could also go for this pump with a gold strip on the toe or this slingback.

December 27, 2014

New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve

For NYE, I plan to wear a fun gold skirt with a black top and some additional sparkles.  The skirt I have is from H&M but looks like it’s sold out now.  Other options I like from H&M are this black skirt and this shiny one.

In terms of gold skirts, I love this one from the LimitedThis one from Mango is pretty good too.  I also like this black-and-gold one from Bloomingdales, which is a similar fit to the one pictured above.

I have a fun cocktail ring, also from H&M, also not available online.  I like this ring from Nordstrom (in gold), which is similar.

February 6, 2014

Layer up

Layer up

In winter on a motorcycle, layering is key.  I love having a big chunky sweater to wear on top of other layers.  I have this one from H&M in black and white.  This top is out of stock now, but this sequin sweater or this funnel neck sweatshirt would also work.

While my layers are often more functional and warmer than the leopard print top above, I do like how the two look together when the long sleeves of the leopard print top peek out from the sweater.  My leopard print top is from Ann Taylor, but it is similar to the one above.

For legs, I wear Zella leggings and leg warmers, unless I need to look nicer, in which case I skip the leg warmers.  For leg warmers, I ordered these in gray, but they looked a little brown when they showed up.  I like how they fit, though.  I also wear some older ones I have that are dark gray.

Black boots can be both functional and beautiful – my Nine West ones can be worn anywhere and even survived a minor motorcycle crash last week.

Depending on where I’m going, I’ll throw earrings and/or purse in my jacket and be ready to look presentable when I show up at my destination.

January 16, 2014

La soirée d’hiver

La soirée d'hiver

The leather panel skirt I have is from Caché, and the woman I bought it from has a husband who rides a motorcycle.