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April 6, 2015

Opening Day

Well, here we are.  Opening Day – the greatest day of the year.  The day where people all over this great nation are settling down in the bleachers with a cold beer and a hot dog to watch their home team kick off the baseball season on a beautiful spring day.  After the national anthem their ace pitcher will take to mound to mow down the opposing batting order.  In the bottom of the inning their stud slugger will launch a bomb over the left field wall and the fans will go crazy.  High fives will be exchanged among family, friends, and complete strangers.  This is baseball.  This is the national pastime.

People will come.

So even if you cannot make it out to the ballgame today, enjoy this great American holiday.  Put your game on the TV or the radio and celebrate baseball.

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February 20, 2015

Your Friday Jam: Pitchers & Catchers Reporting for Duty!

Hokay, so dis is the erf.

It’s a pretty sweet erf.

Pitchers and catchers reported for spring training duty today (at least in Surprise, Arizona, spring training home of the 2015 World Series Champion Texas Rangers), so today’s Friday Jam will obviously have a baseball theme to it.  If you don’t like baseball, move back to Russia you stinkin’ commie.

I thought long and hard about what song to use today.  This being America, countless musicians, from Simon & Garfunkle to Kanye West, have recognized the place that baseball has in our hearts and used the national pastime as inspiration in their craft.  The undisputed greatest baseball song of all time (if you don’t count “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”) is John Fogerty’s “Centerfield”, but I used that in a Friday Jam last spring, so I had to do something different this time around.  Therefore, this weekend I’m going with a piece that is very dear to my heart.

All throughout my childhood, the theme from The Natural was played at Texas Rangers games whenever the Rangers launched a home run, and to this day I cannot help but feel happy when I hear it.  To me, it perfectly encapsulates the epic drama of a sport where every at-bat is its own mini-game – the dramatic build up to the pitch, everyone holding their breath as the ball sails towards the outfield, and the sparks showering the field as Roy Hobbs rounds the bases.

So this Friday, as MLP players and shaking off the winter rust in warm climates of Arizona and Florida, enjoy the theme from The Natural and pray that the games start soon.

April 4, 2014

Your Friday Jam

I will be heading off to Nationals Park for the Washington Nationals Home Opener early this afternoon, so I am very much in a baseball mood right now.  Which explains this Friday’s Jam…

Put me in coach!

March 30, 2014

People Will Come

Tomorrow, Opening Day, is one of the most American days of the year, surpassed only by Independence Day.  While the Fourth of July is the Bald Eagle, Team America, Middle-Finger-To-The-Rest-Of-The-World kind of day, tomorrow celebrates a much gentler side of this greatest of nations.  It is a day where fathers take the day off from work to spend time with their sons in the warm glow of a spring afternoon.  It is the day that truly marks the end of winter, as Americans from sea to shining sea usher in the new season by singing the Star Spangled Banner in the bleachers of their home team’s ballpark.  It is the day were we are all reminded of our childhood, where an afternoon at the ballpark was the most amazing thing you could possibly imagine.  In the great words of James Earl Jones, “This field, this game: it’s a part of our past. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again.”  This inherent Americness of baseball is the reason why the petition to the White House to make Opening Day an official holiday warranted a response from the White House, in which they acknowledge the important place the sport has held in the growth of our country.

I know that baseball has its difficulties competing with other sports in terms of television viewership and other marketing factors, but it truly has been the American constant over the past century.  It might not be as fast as basketball and as violent as football, but do we really always need thing to be fast and violent?   What about enjoying the moment, and not wanting it to fly-by?  There is much to be said for simply sitting there, watching the subtle chess match between pitcher and hitter, and enjoying the moment, enjoying the sport, and enjoying America.  Baseball will always be here for us, and for that we love it.

Here’s to the Great American Pastime – may we always appreciate it and never take it for granted.

February 20, 2013

In Honor of Spring Training

Hey girl, it’s the beautiful Jayson Werth.


August 29, 2012

Gangnam Style Baseball

I’m sure that you have all seen the “Gangnam Style” music video by PSY (if you haven’t, here’s the link:  How could this epic video get even more epic?  That would be an impossible task you say?  Well the MLB took on the challenge and more than delivered – adding “NBA Jam” style heads to anything automatically raises its EPICNESS LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 22, 2012

Better Than You (and you and you and you)

Law school finals really suck, so I am going to take a break and write a paragraph about something different for a few minutes…

The Texas Rangers, seemingly forever the laughingstock of Major League Baseball, are currently sitting on a MLB best record of 12 wins to only 3 losses.  As a long suffering Rangers fan, I hardly know what to do with myself now that my team is simply the best in baseball.  Sure we lost the last two Word Series,  but we MADE THE WORLD SERIES TWO YEARS IN A ROW.  And this team looks to be the best the Rangers have ever fielded – there are no weaknesses.  They either lead or place second in the AL in almost every major offensive category as well as almost every major pitching category.

For the first time, the below video applies to the Texas Rangers, and I am very thankful for it (and will rub it in as much as I possibly can).