Face The Facts – Ep. 34: A Very Vivid Halloween III


10/31/2015… We chased Cthulhu through the sewers in our new super shiny overalls.

Me: Yo, Broseiden king of the Brocean, you see anything?

Choiloi: Nah, Broseph Brahlin, but it looks like she went through that giant green pipe up ahead.

We ran after the monster, hurdling over a stray 🐢 and… like an animated 🍔? We followed the beast down the winding tunnel.

Me: I’m telling you, Christopher Brolumbus, my Poltergust 5000 would have been able to reach all of the loose change above those pipes.

Choiloi: I believe it, NaBrolean Dynamite.

Me: The vacuum is hauntingly versatile. Wait… I see her, Bromodo dragon!

Choiloi: Music to my ears, Brohan Sebrahtian Brach.

I ran using my super fast speed to catch her. It look like she was going through some warpy/sciencey looking hole. I reached out to grab her but I tripped over my Uggs (haven’t properly broken them in yet) and fell in with the monster.


Choiloi: Noooo—


I was flipped upside down… but I wasn’t falling. As I oriented myself, I saw Cthulhu make it to the other side and the warp closed behind her. I looked around using my powers of observation. I was in a dark room with a chair, an intercom, and a projector. It looks like the opening behind me was still there. All of a sudden a scary voice came on over the intercom. Like a demented Siri…

Scary Voice: If you leave, you will traverse back in close proximity to whom you last spoke. While here, you can watch our Sopranos.


I watched one and thought, hmm… not bad. The next one started and I figured I could watch one more before returning. I mean, how many could there be…

 >>>Present Day<<<



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