Face The Facts – Ep. 31: (Not so) HAPPY KRAMPUS DAY!



Fact –Krampus is derived from the German word krampen meaning claw.

With roots in Norse and Greek mythology, Krampus acts as the evil counterpart to jolly old St. Nicholas. He’s described as being a third-goat, a third-man, and a third-forehead… with just a little  demon thrown in. Basically, a smaller Cthulhu.

While the man who became known as Santa is famous for rewarding children who have been nice with gifts, Krampus visits naughty children on December 5th, Krampusnacht, and punishes them by way of spanking, whipping and nae nae-ing. He also sings his hit song Mr. Buckets in a most off key manner. While his voice is nightmarish enough, it is the lyrics that are truly haunting. How many balls is enough Krampus?

The tradition has been suppressed over the years by the Catholic Church, which wanted the Christmas season to be a time for love and thanksgiving… not fear and spanks giving. So for the naughty amongst us, beware. Evil awaits you.




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