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December 17, 2015

Face The Facts – Ep 33: The Notorious One Punch Man!


The UFC would be tough they said. The featherweight division was murderer’s row they said. The picture above is what Conor McGregor said… because he started destroying everyone he faced. He longed for competition, the thrill of a real fight. He smashed his way to the top to face the Champion. That Jose Aldo was a beast they said:



Fact: People that read Vivid Karet love “THE NOTORIOUS.”

“Have I been wrong yet? No!” – Conor McGregor #andnew UFC Featherweight Champion

December 12, 2015

Face The Facts – Ep 32: Con Air McGregor!



Just awarded UFC interim champion Con Air McGregor seeks to return home to Ireland with the unified belt, but to get there he must fight his way through violent serial champion, Jose “The Virus” Aldo.

Con Air: Christ in a cartoon.

Garland White: That is Aldo. That skinny little man butchered a bunch of people up and down the feather-weight division.

Aldo looked over at Con Air. He grabbed his box and looked at the UFC Championship Belt.

Aldo: I knew you was a punk.

Con Air: Put the belt back in the box.



We did a UFC fight simulation in anticipation of UFC 194:



Here was the statistical breakdown:




Fact: Video games don’t know ish about MMA.

Should there even be a rematch? Sound off in the comments.

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December 9, 2015

Bro-est Bros You Knows – Ep. 24 – Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor BRODOWN!



THIS IS IT! The Bros breakdown the biggest fight of the year, #UFC194, and Anderson Silva drops by to weigh in. They go into what makes McGregor such a special fighter and how his gift for gab may potentially be a curse when he goes toe to toe with the Champ.




They analyze different fight strategies for the combatants and map out potential paths to victories.The Bros also look at some interesting quotes that give insight to both fighter’s mindset leading into this most EPIC showdown. Who do you have? Sound off in the comments below.


Youtube version:


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December 5, 2015

Face The Facts – Ep. 31: (Not so) HAPPY KRAMPUS DAY!



Fact –Krampus is derived from the German word krampen meaning claw.

With roots in Norse and Greek mythology, Krampus acts as the evil counterpart to jolly old St. Nicholas. He’s described as being a third-goat, a third-man, and a third-forehead… with just a little  demon thrown in. Basically, a smaller Cthulhu.

While the man who became known as Santa is famous for rewarding children who have been nice with gifts, Krampus visits naughty children on December 5th, Krampusnacht, and punishes them by way of spanking, whipping and nae nae-ing. He also sings his hit song Mr. Buckets in a most off key manner. While his voice is nightmarish enough, it is the lyrics that are truly haunting. How many balls is enough Krampus?

The tradition has been suppressed over the years by the Catholic Church, which wanted the Christmas season to be a time for love and thanksgiving… not fear and spanks giving. So for the naughty amongst us, beware. Evil awaits you.



December 4, 2015

Bro-est Bros You Knows – Ep. 23 – THE BRAHLIDAY GUIDE!


It’s that time of year again! That’s right, the Holiday Season is upon us. Santa is up in the north-most pole, busy crushing two helpings of cookies a day to build up his stamina. The reindeers are fine-tuning different flight formations to maximize their lickety-split speed.

Others, unfortunately, may have started stressing out with Christmas right around the corner. Don’t be one of those people… stressing is not bro. A bro is calm in the clutch and wise enough to seek help when necessary. That’s where we come in with our legendary BRAHLIDAY GUIDE!

We will give you some advice on how to crush it this Christmas! Need help dealing with the in-laws… check! How about some advice on how to nail your first impression on your significant other’s family? Got you covered there as well. Passion Nate drops by with some awesome gift ideas. You need to CH-CH-CH-Check it out!





Here is the Youtube version of BBYK:


*Special thanks to Buddy Nacho for graciously staring in our video. He is the bro-est chinchilla we know! Nacho, you put the Awwwww in awesome.