Bro-est Bros You Knows – Ep. 19 – Mr. Bucket vs. One Punch Man



It was a cool crisp fall night in beautiful Washington D.C. The adults were enjoying adult conversations and the kids were all tucked in. All of a sudden, a loud racket begins to swell up in the Cathedral Heights neighborhood.

*some Pitbull song

Mr. Buckets: Ayo, let’s get it turnt up in the ma’f ya-no-wud-I’m-say’n? Mr. Buckets!




Mr. Buckets was fresh out of prison thanks to a brilliant settlement negotiated by Michael Donovan. He moved in with his dad, and then he had Michael Donovan negotiate an eviction of his dad.

Armed with a little royalty money from Milton Bradley and a penchant for putting things in his mouth, Mr. Buckets proceeded to spend all of his money on drugs and Draft King. He spent many nights getting hammered and/or schwasted. He was caught in a vicious cycle of trying to “get on this level,” “not being on this level,” and once again trying to “get on this level.”




One Punch Bro was a humble guy that lived in an apartment complex across the street. During the day he worked out and stocked up on protein powder when they went on sale. At night he fights crime… when he feels like it. He had recently gotten into vigilante justice, but purely as a hobby.

Usually he wouldn’t bother someone for playing a little music, but on this rather cold evening, he wanted to get up and move around. He hadn’t quite made it to 10 km that day, and didn’t want the day to pass by without him completely finishing his fitness routine.

Mr.Buckets: I pounded an entire  six pack! Bottles and all!! Mr. Buckets!!!

One Punch Bro: Can you keep it down? Some of us have to get up in the morning and do 100 push-ups.

Mr. Buckets: Screw off bro, I’m Mr. Buckets! I do what I want! MR. BUCKETS!!




Mr. Buckets: NOOO! Not the moneymaker bro! Look, I challenge you to an erk’ erk’ rap battle. Put up er’ shut up little ma’f. I ain’t fronting neither, I always put my balls where my mouth is.


One Punch Bro:  





Mr. Buckets: rapping*

You think that you’re cool just because you are new?

Well, news flash Clark Kent, nobody knows you.

There are commercials about me, I’m kind of a big deal.

You look like your hair couldn’t afford it’s next meal.

Mr. Buckets keeps it one hundo… always keeping it real.

Like seriously, why you dressed like caped April O’neal?

You should’ve known coming in, that I’m buckets of fun,

So go back to bed… you got served, son.


Mr. Buckets: Erk Erk *inaudible ya mean. Yo next ma’f!


One Punch Bro: ok… rapping*

Once again my hopes were up and I thought you’d be beast mode.

Turns out, the mode you had, was preset to “eat chode.”

I am so overpowered, zero losses is my main stat.

You’re a pedo-douche with jaundice… you should really have that looked at.

I’ve beaten guys with just one punch, I beat you without throwing,

It must literally suck to have a face thats keeps on blowing.

From my verbal one-two you’ll need more than a stitch,

so be mindful of your neighbors, you broke bucket b****!




Who wins? You decide!

The Bro-est Bros reunite after the harrowing events of the Cthulhu Crisis (find out more here). The fantasy guru’s fantasy returns from his unwillful trip to Mars to bring you even cheddar fantasy football advise.

BBYK is proud to present a follow up to their single “Into Tight Ends,” with the catchy “Mr. Buckets.” Their EP Describing David will be dropping soon, so stay tuned.

BTDubs, the bros had a pineapple because of a successful attempt at making Bun Bo Hue. You know, the Vietnamese soup you actually like but isn’t as easy to remember/say like pho. Yup, that one.

You can follow us on twitter @broestbros

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3 Comments to “Bro-est Bros You Knows – Ep. 19 – Mr. Bucket vs. One Punch Man”

  1. Not gunna lie….I have no idea what this post was about. But the Mr. Bucket’s remix was the shit. Also, props to your bro-est episode yet.

  2. I hope to be as bro as you guys some day.

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