Bro-est Bros You Knows – Ep. 17 – Brahptimus Prime!


Here at Bro-est Bros, we have noticed an epidemic spreading across this beautiful country. There has been an outbreak of whiners here in our beloved land of the free and home of the brave. As patriots, we believe it is our duty to campaign against those that complain. Here at BBYK, we turn whining into winning, one slap at a time. To help us out, we brought in BRAHptimus Prime to help you guys DEAL WITH IT!

Virtual Complainer: The weather is soooooo cold. I hate how cold it is all the time now!

BRAHpitmus Prime: Dress appropriately and you should be fine, bro. The month’s name even warns you as you get closer to winter that it’s about to get cold. That is why the last four months end in burr. Deal with it!

Virtual Complainer: OMG reading through all of these facebook statuses are so annoying. Nobody cares about your political views or what you had for lunch!

BRAHptimus Prime: Actually, nobody cares about your whining. Sharing opinions and experiences with like-minded individuals is exactly what social networks were intended for. Also, you have the technological option of ignoring/blocking their updates… so if you are reading them you are both whiney and lazy. Deal with it!

Virtual Complainer: Mondays suck!

BRAHptimus Prime: No, you suck. You had all of Sunday to rest and mentally prepare yourself for this day. If anything Wednesday sucks. It feels like Friday… but you are only halfway their. Deal with it!

Virtual Complainer: You used the wrong there ^ there. It drives me insane when people mix that up on the internet!

BRAHptimus Prime: Need some more cheese with your whine? When you are on your deathbed, you are going to regret all of the time you wasted obnoxiously correcting internet typos. Unless of course you actually taught someone who really didn’t know the proper use, in which case… dope, bro.

Virtual Complainer: I got surprise-attacked by Megatron. This sucks monkey noodles!

BRAHptimus Prime: When attacked by Megatron, one shall stand and one shall fall. You must do what I do…


Virtual Complainer: Aren’t you sort of complaining about complainers?

BRAHptimus Prime: Psh! Psh! Psh! You know what? Either you can deal with it or you…

Virtual “trying-to-be-less-of-a” Complainer: Also, I keep losing in fantasy football…

Well we have you covered there, bro! The Bro-est Bros hook you up with some advice to help you deal with it week 7 in fantasy football. The Bros also cover some fantasy sport rules and etiquette so you won’t ever be “that guy.”

Bonus content:


Great Scott, today is Back to the Future Day! Here at BBYK we recommend you go out and purchase a hover board. Order a tiny dehydrated pizza. Steal a kid’s scooters.

Look Calvin Klein, the world is your Delorean. Shoot, go trick someone into driving their car into a pile of manure (manure!) if that strikes your fancy. You can even contemplate where you are in life relative to when you first watched BTTF. Now that is heavy.

This is so totally brah-some.  To think, this is the point in the future that Doc and Marty visited in the movie.  Wait…

Oh flux


Yup… deal with it!

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