Mad Max: Shiner Bock Road II

Mad Max: Shiner Bock Road I

After Vexed Viet easily dismantled Despondent David week one, he looked at the rest of the competition and thought to himself, self, this is some stuck in the mud competition. There wasn’t one challenger bad enough to mess with Vex. He was going to run away with the championship!

Despondent David: I am just really into tight ends!

Vex Viet: STFU Dave!


That was when Despondent Dave, despicable dude that he is, resorted to being Distracting Dave.

Distracting Dave: Hey, uhhh… check out fantasy baseball, brah. You are about to get beat! Yeah boy! Ultimate fantasy sport, obvi! You ain’t bout getting on this level!!!

Vex Viet: Get the F off me Dave!

Bloody Mayhem: Farve you Dave!

Best of the Bridges: You aren’t even even in the top 3 of Bridges. (Golden Gate, Ponte Vechio, Steven)

Yeah, life was lonely at the top, but Vexed Viet was fine with that. He brought the numbers. Nobody puts up numbers like he does. People circle the calendar the week they get to play Vexed Viet. It is the best experience of their pathetic lives.

When they get to play against Vexed Viet, they go home and tell their wives “we’ve made it!” There wives would weep tears of joy. He would be the magnanimous leader Despondent Dave never could be. He would be their Brolosopher King.

Confessor: Time to confess…


Vexed Viet: What the sh** dude!

Confessor: I am captain now.

At some point, after Vexed Viet left week 2 following the loss to Confessor, he encountered an Australian Cattle Chinchilla-Dog. He took it into his care and it became a faithful companion of his. He and “Buddy Dog” would be best friends on the road to the Shiner Bock Trophy. His new friend helped him turn things around for week 3.

Biggest Blowout

avatar  Vexed Viet 317

Confessor is still firmly at the top of the league. Bloody Mayhem is nipping at his heels, not too far behind.

Bloody Mayhem: Rugby rugby rugby Valhalla!

Nothingfinerthana49er is on a winning streak despite never playing her highest scoring players. Best of the Bridges is keeping pace, currently placing higher than Despondent Dave. Despondent Dave, well, he is just really into tight ends.

No skill all Luck is having no luck this season and Sapulpa Stars is proving that being a star from Sapulpa is like being a big turd fish in a small turd pond… regular ol’ king of dookie hill (also Reggie Wayne isn’t even in the NFL anymore). Regardless, the competition is fierce, with the ultimate prize of Shiner Bock glory still up for grabs.
Vexed Viet: Let’s go, it’s just you and me Buddy Dog!
To be continued…

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