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October 30, 2015

Bro-est Bros You Knows – Ep. 18 – Happy BRAHloween!



Bro, do you even lift? Brahptimus Prime does. What’s the point of working out if you can’t show off your guns on Halloween? To help you bros out, BBYK has a few costume recommendations for you this year: sleeveless James Bond, sleeveless Kris Humphries, sleeveless Gandalf, Mark Walhberg… you could also dust off your Bane costume from 2012 (which you totally own). Enjoy our BBYK Halloween Spooktacular!



Click here to find out what happened to Emotion Al and Doug McDermott!

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October 30, 2015

Face The Facts – Ep. 30: A Very Vivid Halloween II

Fact: Episode 18 of BBYK features many Halloween factoids.

Welcome back to another very special (30th!) edition of Face the Facts, where we bring you all the #thingsthatareawesome.  To be honest, I am not quite sure why you are back. Was not last year’s Halloween tale so terrifying so as to inspire night light installations? Were you not sufficiently warned of the sleepless nights you would have to endure? Are you not haunted by images of a night man knocking on your bedroom door?

I really hope that you are prepared, dear reader. This installment of FTF is sure to be so nightmarish that it could drive you insane. The evil I speak about is very much real and it is unrelenting. It compels me to share this story, and like a curse it follows those that dare to read this. My story tells the truth, but the price of reading honesty may cost you your very soul! Reading this will be like giving yourself goosebumps, and I admire your courage, reader. So go grab a pocket full of change… the troll’s toll is your soul and the night man cometh.

This story begins years after the disaster down under. The world was none the wiser, and I just went about trying to live a normal life. Klar and I decided to continue crime fighting, so we joined the illustrious Texas Rangers.


Me: Crime better watch out, the eyes of the Ranger are upon you.

Klar: I am quite athletic.

My wife, Zanahoria, started a new job working for NASA. Under her inspiring leadership, NASA embarked on a golden age of discoveries. She launched multiple successful missions to Mars, and they even began a program on Mars to genetically clone and modify fauna to potentially grow there.

Inspired by her awesomeness, I decided to pursue something equally as impressive. I started a podcast with Klar. It was a bro-centric podcast covering a wide range of brolitcal topics with both intelligence and panache. Soon we would become podcasting stars. It was hump day, and I drove to our state-of-the-art studio in DC to record another edition of The Bro-est Bros You Knows.

Me: Feeling good on a Wednesday… alright lets do this! record* HAAAAAP…

I ran over and turned on the t.v. News stations around the world were reporting a lot of missing people. Whole chunks of humanity just up and vanished. Buildings in Washington DC were shown collapsing.

The planet was enveloped in chaos and mayhem. Also, where the F was Klar? I was such a confused cat. I kept watching the screen hoping for clues. All of a sudden:


It was only on screen for a couple minutes, too fast for the normal viewer to comprehend, but I wasn’t your normal viewer. Using my Ranger powers of observation, I deduced that this was a kaiju. But that haunting face… most curious. It can’t be! Cthulhu was back?!

Me: Oh snapsel-cakes!

I called my wife to make sure she hadn’t been raptured.

Me: Honey buns, are you okay?

Zanahoria: Cut the bullsh*t, humanity is in crisis mode. Get to mission control, now!

An appropriate amount of time later.

Me: I am here, sup bey?

Zanahoria: Shut up. I found Klar.

Me: What the what?!

Zanahoria: I triangulated his position from a tracking device I implanted in him the last time he got lost at a Fall Out Boy concert. Compensating for the space time continuum, my data showed he was on Mars. I guided him to a space telecommunication console, Morpheus style, and we’ve made contact.

Klar: Sup bros?

Me: Sup? You mirin?

Klar: I’m on that next planet ish yo!

Klar/Me: Freak’n N Vibe’n* Freak’n N Vibe’n*

Zanahoria: Cut the sh*t you two. Klar, how did you get to Mars?

Klar: Some giant beast mannaped me and a bunch of peeps and we were escorted onto shuttles and transported here to Mars.


Zanahoria: What are they doing to you guys?

Klar: Well someone is extracting human DNA from the prisoners and I heard something about using that with the fauna cloning technology here on Mars.

Zanahoria: I figured it out, they are trying to create a clone army!  I am so good at solving problems. Don’t worry Klar, we’ll bring you guys home.


Me: I am going to need to train a little bit before I conduct a rescue mission. Is that schway?

Zanahoria: Fine. Klar, you need to start freeing the prisoners and prep them for extraction. Do you have any food?


Klar: No, but there is red poop EVERYWHERE!

Zanahoria: That’s dirt.

Klar: Don’t worry, I’ll science the shit out of it or something.

To stay in shape for the Texas Rangers, I had been training with my mentor Brahptimus Prime. He has been an invaluable sensei, teaching how to deal with things. He even gave me some awesome sunglasses.

Me; Yo, Brahp, lets crush some sets. I need to get a space pump.


Brahptimus Prime: Now we are ready. Autobots… BRO OUT!

My wife hooked us up with a sick spacecraft capable of flying at extra fast speed.

Me: Alright, all systems go. Hold on to your auto-butt, its going to be a bumpy ride.


Brahptimus Prime and I made it to Mars and started extracting the prisoners. There didn’t seem to be any type of resistance. No guards or alarms… most curious.

Me: It looks like you kept everyone well fed. Did you grow vegetables with the cloning tech?

Klar: No… even cheddar than that!


Holy no need for a Cow! Klar created cheese producing plants. Surely this will be huge on Earth.

Me: How did you do it?

Klar: Not sure, I kind of winged it. I didn’t write anything down, so honestly, I couldn’t redo if I wanted to… and I want to.

We got back to Earth, and not a moment too soon. Cthulhu had succeeded with her experiment and had launched a surprise attack on humanity. She now had a legion of clone titans at her disposal. She declared war on America and soon began a siege on Washington DC.

Carl Quintanilla: Since you are running a comic book campaign, how would you deal with a comic book problem like the Cthulhu Crisis?


In the aftermath of her initial attack, DC had to rebuild itself up quick. With limited supplies, the best DC could do resembled a sort of shoddy rustic Japanese village.

Congress played the Trump card and built a wall around Washington DC, appropriating funds from pothole renovations. Surely this would stop the problem from coming inside.


In the meantime, Zanahoria, Klar and I decided we needed a plan to stop the kaiju. This wall just delayed the inevitable… a showdown with Cthulhu, the heiress of headaches.





Our heads pulsated with fear. She was already here and she had torn through the wall! Soon, a scourge of clone-thulus attacked the masses. It was a most frightful sight to behold.


Me: OH MY LANTA! This is go time, grab your gear!

Klar: I got your back bro!

Zanahoria: I will secure a perimeter around world-famous Dupont Circle. You guys go protect Ben’s Chili Bowl.

Klar: Really? I mean Ben’s is kind of overrated #amirite

Me: No time to argue, we need to move!

Me/Klar/Zanahoria: BYARGH!!!


There were simply too many clones. No matter how badass we were we just couldn’t take them all.

Me: They seem to be well coordinated, almost acting in unison… most curious. You thinking what I am thinking?

Klar: Ben’s Chili Bowl actually sounds good right now?

Me: No, I think this is a hive mind thing. We take out Cthulhu and the clone-thulus will stop.

Klar: You don’t think I know that? I made cheese plants, I’m a cheesical genius!

I decided we needed more fire power. There was only one thing left to do. I headed towards Mt. Vesuvius to retrieve my Tyrannosaurus Dino-Bot.

Me: Its morphin’ time!


Brahptimus Prime: That won’t be enough to deal with it.

Me: What else can I do?

Brahptimus Prime: Legends tell of a mystical vivid karet capable of giving he who wields it incredible strength and a voice that could carry a podcast.

Me: You mean like that thing over there?


I went over and extracted the legendary weapon. A chorus of angels serenaded me from the heavens.

Brahptimus Prime: With the vivid karet you can attain your super-saiyan form. No longer the Red Ranger, you are now Judge Red!

Me: Aww hell yesssshh! I’ve got the power!

I arrived at Mt. Vesuvius and reunited with Buddy Rex. Now we were headed back to DC for an epic final battle.


The battle raged on back home and the team had managed to get Cthulhu cornered. Zanahoria had successfully defended Dupont Circle. Klar had successfully ordered a half-smoke at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

Klar: Bro, nice digs.

Zanahoria: Meh, the vivid karet logo could use a touch up.

Me: Guys, you will never believe what happened, but I think my podcast is really going to take off now.

Klar: Your voice… such hauntingly beautiful sounds of Americana seem to reverberate through your vocal chords…



Brahptimus Prime: Your podcast will totes gain subscribers, but we need to move, now!

Me: The hell-spawn looks to be transforming. Most curious.

Zanahoria: Umm, do you guys remember DC having such rocky terrain?

Klar: Yeah, that’s why they call it Rockcreek Parkway.


Brahptimus Prime: Lets go deal with it, once and for all.

Me: Looks like it is time for a…



I tangled with the barbaric beast as the others held off the clone-thulhus. Her strength was mighty, her foul breath even mightier. Now in her true form, she battled with urgency and purpose.

Harnessing the power of the one true karet I was able to persevere. I gathered all the ki I could muster, and powered up. I set up the cross with my jab, making sure to be mindful of the takedown. I was just waiting for the right moment…

Cthulhu: Fools! I will be your master! Soon you will all bow to your new president. Like, Steph Curry, I am a true MVP! As in Most. Valuable. President.


Pacific Rim Battle

Me: Sorry to cut your presidential bid short, but in America we believe in freedom and democracy!

Cthulhu stumbled backwards. The demon creature was weakened from my tiger uppercut of justice.

Brahptimus Prime: Everyone open fire while the hulking heathen is hurt.

We shot the mega maniacal monster with everything we had. Lasers… phasers… we even tried a taser. Bad idea, we flooded Indiana Ave.

*pewpewpew *chabloinkos *kapowee

Cthulhu, badly injured, fell down into the sewer.

Klar: Hey Judge Red…


Just as I suspected, after Cthulhu went down the other clones fell over as well. They soon disintegrated into foul blobs of mush. We ran up and looked down into the sewers. We couldn’t see anything.

Klar: Looks like we’ll have to go down into the sewers

Zanahoria: You’ll need some overalls to do that Klar. Maybe next time.

This isn’t a bittersweet ending. This is why I warned you reader. For you see, Cthulhu was never found in the sewers. Not sweet… all bitter!

That means that somewhere beneath your feet, lurks a most evil presence. She is coming for you, and she is going to find you. So please reader, go run and tell that. We simply cannot afford another Cthulhu Crisis! Its up to you now reader, Godspeed.

The End?




Somewhere in the sewers*

Klar: Hey bey, I thought you would be here. How do you like my overalls?

Cthulhu: AHHHHHHH!

Klar: Hey I know we didn’t get off on the right foot last time. Like you literally ate my right foot. Remember? Good times.

Cthulhu: AHHHHHHH!

Klar: I brought you some Ben’s Chili Bowl. I added some Martian cheese to give it a kick.

Cthulhu: AHHHHHHH!

Klar: Okay, open wide, ahhhhhAHHHHH!

Cthulhu: gulp*

Happy Halloween from Vivid Karet!






After the Cthulhu Crisis, Brahptimus Prime went with me to go return return Buddy Rex to Mt. Vesuvius . Brahp then walked over and took off his shades.

Brahptimus Prime: Keep these for me Judge Red. Here, I have something to show you guys…


Me: What? All this time it was you T-Rum?

Comtrav: I have some business to take care of in China. I’ll be away for a little bit.

Me: Well good luck over there. I know that you are going to do great things.

Buddy Rex: Yeah be safe, we are going to miss you so mu…

Comtrav: Deal with it!

October 23, 2015

Your Friday Jam: Losing Side of Twenty-Five

In a matter of a few hours I will be heading out for some live music – a band introduced to me by my brother just this year.  American Aquarium out of North Carolina possesses a gritty, roots rock sound that meshes perfectly with tobacco and alcohol – specifically cigarettes and brown liquor.

Apparently they considered calling it quits just a few short years ago.  The band was unable to gain much traction outside of a small group of loyal followers, and with hardly enough cash to support themselves the members went into the studio for what they thought was going to be their last album.  Turns out Burn.Flicker.Die. actually sold, and American Aquarium came back with another album earlier this year.

I have never seen them live, but have heard that it is quite the experience and am very much looking forward to rocking out with them this evening.  Before I do, please enjoy “Losing Side of Twenty-Five”, from their latest album Wolves.

October 23, 2015

Mad Max: Shiner Bock Road III

Mad Max: Shiner Bock Road II

The race for Shiner Bock gold rages on, and there is absolutely no rest for the weary. The league leader, The Confessor, aimed to stay undefeated. Despondent Dave on the other hand wanted to end his losing streak.

Bloody Mayhem was fresh off of a win and ready for his next victim. Vexed Viet and his Australian Cattle Chinchilla-Dog wandered forward, knowing it was going to be a war going against Bloody Mayhem.

Bloody Mayhem: Rugby rugby lovely day!!!


Bloody Mayhem came blazing into the contest, Ensign Eifert in tow. He was very confident, riding an impressive winning streak. His team was a goon squad, both intimidating and relentless. Led by Bombardier Brady and the mad scientist, Dr. Brown, they wrecked havoc on the league.

They rushed forward at Vexed Viet, ready to do anything to serve their bloody master.  Those were some maddeningly obedient fantasy football killing machines.


The battle raged on, and it was apparent that Bloody Mayhem meant business. When Captain Falcon Julio had a quiet game, Vexed Viet knew he had to act fast.

Vexed Viet: Hey Brahptimus, I could use some help Bro.

Brahptimus Prime: Here, borrow these to help you deal with it.


Vexed Viet: Are those Oakleys? Schway!


Brahptimus Prime: You’ve got the poweeeeeer!

Vexed Viet quickly gained control of the match behind the brilliant game of Hopkins and Brahptimus’s shades. He roundhouse kicked (Walker Texas Ranger style) Bloody Mayhem in the face, knocking his goggles clean off!

Bloody Mayhem: Zounds! Pigs will fly before I fall to you!

Vexed Viet: BM, you look ill. I have a diagnosis for you.

Vexed Viet – 243


Bloody Mayhem – 168



Vexed Viet: It looks like you have swine flu.


It was a mad week!  Sapulpa Star got his first victory of the season. (What the mess?!) Behind a strong team filled with stars like Riley Cooper and Reggie Wayne, he showed just how unlucky No skill all Luck really is. Sapulpa Star was quite proud of himself after his surprising accomplishment.

Sapulpa Star: I am quite proud of myself.

No skill all Luck: I need to borrow some skill from Holo Molos.

Holo Molos: Oh-my-lanta! I’m not in the league anymore, but I will help you out if I can borrow some Bevo Bucks.

No skill all Luck: trade declined*

Bro-est Bros: Now that is an example of proper fantasy trading etiquette.

Despondent Dave was also victorious, proving that there are some things Finerthana49er. He couldn’t contain his euphoria. He started to wiggle, just subtly at first. Then he straight up started to dance it out to his victory jam.

Despondent Dave: You gotta let me know… are we human… or are we dancer? freakin’ n vibing*

Nothingfinerthana49er: Slow your body roll Dave… I’m still up on you in the standings. #burn #betterthanyou

The most notable victory of the week was by Best of the Bridges, who beat the league leading The Confessor and ended his undefeated streak.

The Confessor: I must confess, I didn’t see that coming.

Best of the Bridges: Oh cry me a Rivers.

The Confessor: sniff*


After his great win, Sapulpa Star climbed up zero spots to last place. The Confessor settled into second, waiting for the opportunity to strike again for the top spot.  The race is about to hit the midway point, and Vexed Viet is back in the driver’s seat. He could just taste that Shiner Bock gold!

Despondent Dave: Holy Favre tat brah!

Brahptimus Prime: Hey BM, does your back keep texting pictures of your junk to sideline reporters?

Vexed Viet: Yeah, do you buy relaxed fit jeans for your back?

Vexed Viet/Brahptimus Prime: bro dap*

Bloody Mayhem: My back tattoo was from my homer days. I’m not a homer anymore, so the joke is on you!

Vexed Viet: Nice comeback. Was that your back’s idea?

Bloody Mayhem: Stop bringing Favre into this, cruel man! I’ll get you next time around…

James Starks: Maybe play me next time around.

Bloody Mayhem: STFU Starks! Ahhhhh! Curse you and your ridiculous luck, Vexed Viet!

Vexed Viet: BM, I have some advice for you…


Vexed Viet and Buddy continue on their path towards the ultimate prize, the Shiner Bock Trophy! With everyone now gunning for him, his spot at the top is not safe. The competition is heating up and each match up becomes more and more important. Who is mad enough to make it to the end?

Fact – People that read Vivid Karet are good natured and generous.

I know this isn’t a Face the Facts, but I just wanted to take a quick respite from the trash talking to call attention to something important. Chris Lyon (Bloody Mayhem) is a good friend of ours, and what he lacks in fantasy football prowess he more than made up for by bravely serving our country with the Marines. His wife is currently battling Lyme Disease, and if you or any of your loved ones have gone through this, you know what a tough road this is for him and his family. Please check out my buddy’s site to find out more about their story and information on ways you can help.

Happy Friday!

October 21, 2015

Bro-est Bros You Knows – Ep. 17 – Brahptimus Prime!


Here at Bro-est Bros, we have noticed an epidemic spreading across this beautiful country. There has been an outbreak of whiners here in our beloved land of the free and home of the brave. As patriots, we believe it is our duty to campaign against those that complain. Here at BBYK, we turn whining into winning, one slap at a time. To help us out, we brought in BRAHptimus Prime to help you guys DEAL WITH IT!

Virtual Complainer: The weather is soooooo cold. I hate how cold it is all the time now!

BRAHpitmus Prime: Dress appropriately and you should be fine, bro. The month’s name even warns you as you get closer to winter that it’s about to get cold. That is why the last four months end in burr. Deal with it!

Virtual Complainer: OMG reading through all of these facebook statuses are so annoying. Nobody cares about your political views or what you had for lunch!

BRAHptimus Prime: Actually, nobody cares about your whining. Sharing opinions and experiences with like-minded individuals is exactly what social networks were intended for. Also, you have the technological option of ignoring/blocking their updates… so if you are reading them you are both whiney and lazy. Deal with it!

Virtual Complainer: Mondays suck!

BRAHptimus Prime: No, you suck. You had all of Sunday to rest and mentally prepare yourself for this day. If anything Wednesday sucks. It feels like Friday… but you are only halfway their. Deal with it!

Virtual Complainer: You used the wrong there ^ there. It drives me insane when people mix that up on the internet!

BRAHptimus Prime: Need some more cheese with your whine? When you are on your deathbed, you are going to regret all of the time you wasted obnoxiously correcting internet typos. Unless of course you actually taught someone who really didn’t know the proper use, in which case… dope, bro.

Virtual Complainer: I got surprise-attacked by Megatron. This sucks monkey noodles!

BRAHptimus Prime: When attacked by Megatron, one shall stand and one shall fall. You must do what I do…


Virtual Complainer: Aren’t you sort of complaining about complainers?

BRAHptimus Prime: Psh! Psh! Psh! You know what? Either you can deal with it or you…

Virtual “trying-to-be-less-of-a” Complainer: Also, I keep losing in fantasy football…

Well we have you covered there, bro! The Bro-est Bros hook you up with some advice to help you deal with it week 7 in fantasy football. The Bros also cover some fantasy sport rules and etiquette so you won’t ever be “that guy.”

Bonus content:


Great Scott, today is Back to the Future Day! Here at BBYK we recommend you go out and purchase a hover board. Order a tiny dehydrated pizza. Steal a kid’s scooters.

Look Calvin Klein, the world is your Delorean. Shoot, go trick someone into driving their car into a pile of manure (manure!) if that strikes your fancy. You can even contemplate where you are in life relative to when you first watched BTTF. Now that is heavy.

This is so totally brah-some.  To think, this is the point in the future that Doc and Marty visited in the movie.  Wait…

Oh flux


Yup… deal with it!

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October 14, 2015

Bro-est Bros You Knows – Ep. 16 – Walker: Texas Ranger

Blue Jays vs Rangers
Series tied 2-2
Game 5, 4:07 PM on FS1
Rogers Centre, Toronto, Ontario
w8pOfCtw1hyAAAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==   vs    YO7ocPnbk4JR5M6e0atuqWZXJjm9F8P8PCxpcOhLuwNMAAAAASUVORK5CYII=

Cole: Hey Chuck, if you are in, like, the spiritual realm due to intense meditation…


Cole: Well if you can communicate with me telepathically… well I could sure use a pep talk.

Chuck: You don’t need a pep talk from me. This is why the Rangers recruited you. This is your moment. If you have issues with that I suggest you should reach out to Eminem.

Cole: No, I am fine with the moment. Look, I just thought you could give me some words of wisdom, one Ranger to another.

Chuck: Look once you become a Texas Ranger, not only do you get access to my personal Total Gym, you become a black belt in badassitude. You want the W, get up and be a badass.

Cole: So just be badass?

Chuck: Yup, and it is easy. You just wake up, eat Wheaties and crap blue jays. You are a Ranger, son. Now, go give those Canadians hell!

Cole: The team is actually a cornucopia of nationalities..

Chuck: Team is based in Canada, still sucks.

Cole couldn’t agree more. Inspired by apparition Norris, Cole set off to channel his inner Chuck! It was time to round house kick these Blue Jays in the face! WITH COWBOY BOOTS!!!

Cole: Game on.


The Bro-est Bros cover week 5 fantasy football, and hook you up with some advise that can help you come out victoriously in week 6. BBYK also talks about some Bro drama so crazy you won’t believe what Emotion Al has to say about it. The Bros also talk about the MLB Playoffs.

Check out BBYK’s fantasy football week 5 episode.

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October 7, 2015

Bro-est Bros You Knows – Ep. 15 – Good Guy Mintz!


The Bro-est Bros you know love to highlight true American bros! This week’s brocast honors Chris Mintz and his brave actions in Oregon. If more people had this guy’s American-do spirit, the world would be a much better and safer place.

Here at BBYK, we are all about taking bad songs, and making them cheddar! So if you haven’t been doing so hot in your fantasy football league, no worries bro, we got you. The Bros dive right into fantasy football week 5, and the fantasy guru’s fantasy is in the house to give you the leg up on the competition. The Bros also highlight some of the action from UFC 192.

Check out BBYK’s fantasy football week 4 episode here.

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October 2, 2015

Mad Max: Shiner Bock Road II

Mad Max: Shiner Bock Road I

After Vexed Viet easily dismantled Despondent David week one, he looked at the rest of the competition and thought to himself, self, this is some stuck in the mud competition. There wasn’t one challenger bad enough to mess with Vex. He was going to run away with the championship!

Despondent David: I am just really into tight ends!

Vex Viet: STFU Dave!


That was when Despondent Dave, despicable dude that he is, resorted to being Distracting Dave.

Distracting Dave: Hey, uhhh… check out fantasy baseball, brah. You are about to get beat! Yeah boy! Ultimate fantasy sport, obvi! You ain’t bout getting on this level!!!

Vex Viet: Get the F off me Dave!

Bloody Mayhem: Farve you Dave!

Best of the Bridges: You aren’t even even in the top 3 of Bridges. (Golden Gate, Ponte Vechio, Steven)

Yeah, life was lonely at the top, but Vexed Viet was fine with that. He brought the numbers. Nobody puts up numbers like he does. People circle the calendar the week they get to play Vexed Viet. It is the best experience of their pathetic lives.

When they get to play against Vexed Viet, they go home and tell their wives “we’ve made it!” There wives would weep tears of joy. He would be the magnanimous leader Despondent Dave never could be. He would be their Brolosopher King.

Confessor: Time to confess…


Vexed Viet: What the sh** dude!

Confessor: I am captain now.

At some point, after Vexed Viet left week 2 following the loss to Confessor, he encountered an Australian Cattle Chinchilla-Dog. He took it into his care and it became a faithful companion of his. He and “Buddy Dog” would be best friends on the road to the Shiner Bock Trophy. His new friend helped him turn things around for week 3.

Biggest Blowout

avatar  Vexed Viet 317

Confessor is still firmly at the top of the league. Bloody Mayhem is nipping at his heels, not too far behind.

Bloody Mayhem: Rugby rugby rugby Valhalla!

Nothingfinerthana49er is on a winning streak despite never playing her highest scoring players. Best of the Bridges is keeping pace, currently placing higher than Despondent Dave. Despondent Dave, well, he is just really into tight ends.

No skill all Luck is having no luck this season and Sapulpa Stars is proving that being a star from Sapulpa is like being a big turd fish in a small turd pond… regular ol’ king of dookie hill (also Reggie Wayne isn’t even in the NFL anymore). Regardless, the competition is fierce, with the ultimate prize of Shiner Bock glory still up for grabs.
Vexed Viet: Let’s go, it’s just you and me Buddy Dog!
To be continued…