Bro-est Bros You Knows – Ep. 13 – American Broletariat


Here at BBYK, we love us some ‘Merica. In fact, the alarm that wakes us up every morning is the sound of a bald eagle souring over the majestic Rocky Mountains. That’s why we are fans of fellow bro, John Cena, whose patriotism just red, white and blue us away.

In honor of all that makes America great, BBYK is here to talk about something very American. That’s right, American Football!

The bro-est bros talk fantasy football week 3, review Borderlands Handsome Jack Edition, and give a quick American history lesson. Fizz Ikkel stops by the studio to drop some… uhh… “fantasy” knowledge.

Check out the epic representation of the Bro-est Fantasy Football League.

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