Bro-est Bros You Knows – Ep. 12 – Attack on Fantasy Football!

Bros, it is time to gear up for week two! Here at Bro-est Bros, we know that many of you are hurting for some help after some major injuries hit the league in week one. Perhaps you lost a star wide receiver (cough* Dez Bryant cough*) that was playing against giants. Well no worries, Ami-BROS, we have got you covered.

Look we understand that it can be daunting when you look up at your opponent’s lineup and see Odell Beckham Jr. against the lousy Falcons secondary. Or when you see that they have Aaron Rodgers against Tampa Bay’s efense…

Don’t sweat it, BBYK has your plan of Attack! Not only will BBYK help you with bro-vice on players you should avoid playing for week two, the Bro-est Bros also cover some free agents on the waiver wire that can be TITANS in your week two line-up.


BBYK will be doing a fantasy football podcast weekly during the NFL season, so for all of you fantasy football needs, concerns, and desires… keep it tuned to BBYK.

Check out the epic representation of the Bro-est Fantasy Football League.

We are excited to debut BBYK’s first song (starts at 24:24) “Dave is into tight ends.”

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