Bro-est Bros You Knows – Ep. 11 – The Good BRAHmaritan


It is indeed a bro new world, and with that comes a bro new set of challenges to conquer. One such challenge that every bro must face is Fantasy Football. Don’t think you have what it takes to win? Think you are riffraff, just a street rat? We don’t buy that. If only you’d look closer. When the guys in your league want to rip you open and take you back, you have got to take a hint and you’ve got to face the facts. BBYK has got your back.

That’s right, the football season is upon us, and all the other bros around the country are getting ready with their eyes on the virtual prize… winning their fantasy football league. If you want to up your game, keep it tuned in to BBYK. The Bro-est Bros have got you covered for all of your draft day concerns with fantasy advice straight from the fantasy guru’s fantasy.

BBYK also drops some wisdom with their rendition of the parable of the good Brah-maritan. You’ve may have heard of the bro bible, but this is more like the actual Bible, interpreted by bros. Truly brofound stuff.

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Here is a link to the Downtown video referenced in the podcast featuring the brotastic Macklemore and the epic Foxy Shazam.


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