Bro-est Bros You Knows – Episode 10 – BRAHgust Musings


Here at BBYK, we love bro music and that includes bro country tunes. These songs can be a brah-some backdrop to an epic sesh of corn-hole and day drinking. However, there are people that have abused the genre. Case in point, Florida-Georgia Line, the Nickleback of country music. We know they are trying really hard to be bros, but they look like they would be BFF’s with this Optimus douche-bag. It is perfectly fine to make adequate bro country music, but at least manage to not be lame. We get it… red dirt, beer, tailgate… a working recipe for bro country. But seriously:

Stir it up as we turn on some Marley
If you want you can get on Harley
I sit you up on a kitchen sink
Stick the pink umbrella in your drink

How subtle. Well, here at Bro-est Bros You Knows, we decided to cow-bro up a Bore-ida Bore-gia Line song. Special guest star #thereal Psych Ed, fan of this guy 94-95, stops by to talk about the NBA free agency and the bro-est bros list the top NBA western conference teams. Plus, BBYK scores an exclusive interview with the owner of DC Dog Runner.

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DC Dog Runner

Fact – People that read Vivid Karet are ridiculously excited about Zoolander 2!

How awesome is this?!

What is this a trailer for ants? It should be 3 times as long!!!


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