Face The Facts – Episode 22: Your Friday Jam

Fact – Carry Your Throne was produced and recorded on site at an actual castle cathedral in France.


This weekend’s jam comes from Jonathan “Jon” Bellion, an American song-writer/producer/rapper born and raised in Long Island, New York.  He has been making music since 2011, and while he has hasn’t truly reached a mainstream audience, his early success has earned him a bit of recognition within the industry from other big name artists. He collaborated with Eminem on his 2014 hit song The Monster, and he produced Trumpets by Jason Derulo. If you haven’t heard of him yet… you’re welcome.

Today, you’re getting my personal favorite track off of Bellion’s latest album, The Definiton.  The war march/hip hop sound reverberating from this song, coupled with a stirring chorus, is hauntingly beautiful.  Bellion seems to hearken back to the Medieval singer song writers of the Dark Ages and seems to encapsulate the sound of Westeros in this number.  Such natural talent is truly a breath of fresh air during this time of over-processed popular “music”.

Appropriately titled “Carry Your Throne,” the lyrics (along with the cinematic visuals of the music video) capture a fight-or-flight theme, with Bellion going to war for the love of his life. This song sounds like it could be a backtrack to an epic battle, and the scenes in the video look straight out of Game of Thrones. Here is the video for you to check out yourself:



Fact – People that read Vivid Karet think water-chest nuts taste weird.

That could just be me, though. So I don’t always make music recommendation posts, but when I do it is for an artist that I feel deserves more recognition. It may also be done with tongue firmly in cheek. Props to @zanahoria3 for introducing me to this artist. FTF hopes you use this epic jam as part of the soundtrack to your epic weekend. I will now relinquish the “Friday Jam” title back to the rightful owner, the OG white boy rap connoisseur, @klar21.

We are going to be hitting you up with a new Bro-est Bros You Knows soon, so stay tuned for that. There may be the grand return of the Fashion Turkey! I am still trying to get my year end FTF together, so that will be posted at some point. Until next time, when in doubt… Face The Facts!


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