Face The Facts – Episode 19: Hadouken IV (UFC Edition II)


Fact – Lucky Charms have a ratio of 10,000,000 crappy tasting oat pieces to 1 AWESOME marshmallow.






I am going to start this Face The Facts on a rather somber note. No more will we allow Geico to appropriate a PSA by Cheer Safe to sell insurance. Nobody gets that excited about cold cuts, everybody knows that.



Concussions are very serious. If you see former NFL players reacting wildly to seemingly innocuous situations, please direct them immediately to their professional health care provider. No more “he just really likes lunch meat.” No more “he totally isn’t holding up the line.” NO MORE!


So FTF is back with another UFC fight simulation (you can check out the first one here) for you mental stimulation… brought to you by EA UFC on the Playstation 4. Playstation 4… greatness awaits! 




So this simulation features one of my personal favorite fighters in Conor McGregor. He is a brash and confident fighter that has garnered many fans with his bold trash talk and unique fighting style. After Anthony Pettis, McGregor may be the most exciting and dynamic striker the UFC has to offer. The Irishman didn’t come to take part, he came to take over… and with a win over Dennis Siver, he gets a title shot against featherweight juggernaut Jose Aldo. So let’s see how he did in the simulation:

McGregor vs. Siver



Perhaps a little bit more back and forth than the real fight will be, but Conor scores a dramatic virtual head kick knock out! Here are the stats from the fight:




There is also an awesome light weight matchup tonight featuring @klar21‘s favorite Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Benson “Smooth Henderson. Benson has won both of their previous fights, but can he get the hat trick against an improved and highly motivated Cerrone?

Cerrone vs. Henderson



So this is the second time that EA UFC had predicted a Cerrone loss via submission. Well he ended up destroying his opponent (Miles Jury) last time, so we will see if history repeats itself. I actually think the underdog Benson has a decent shot at the upset, he just needs to stick to his game plan and keep the fight close. Here are the stats from the fight:




Fact – People that read Vivid Karet are all honorary Irishmen 

So grab a pint of this stuff,


while you cheer on your favorite fighters in UFC Fight Night: Boston!


Lightning round: We will be hitting you with a new Bro-est Bros You Knows soon… Michael Goldberg, you are the only one that calls McGregor the Irish Mohamed Ali… You can follow me @facethefacts22…  if you get MLK day off (DC Dog Runner employees do), drink like it’s Saturday! To help you out, here are some party jams:



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