Face The Facts – Episode 18: An Ode to Cowboys II (feat. Cowboys Brew)


Fact – The Cowboys are the only NFL team to record 20 straight winning seasons!

The beginning of the season, no Lee or Ware,

the odds for success just didn’t seem there.

A loss to the Niners confirmed our fear:

this would not be our year.

Then an injury happened to Morris Claiborne,

and the Cowboys’ season was suddenly reborn.

Romo played with fire and passion,

throwing accurate strikes like a ninja assassin.

Murray ran with reckless abandon,

trucking linebackers before they knew what happened.

The almighty Dez also got in the mix,

throwing up X every time he scored six.

Proving the haters wrong at each turn,

every opposing D-Back got burned.

Passing to Beasley on 3rd and long,

Going to Witten, we never did wrong.

Lions down, three to go…

how do we win, though?

We were down to the Lions but held it together,

who cares if Green Bay has really cold weather!

Even if we trail, ya’ll know what’s up…



Fact – People that read Vivid Karet do have the right to be an attorney.




Cowboys Brew CPA ?% ABV.

This Texas-style CPA (Cowboy Pale Ale) is a one of a kind beer, brewed using only the finest American hops and high quality DC tap water.  Its mysterious (like seriously, we don’t know) flavor has hints of mysteriousness and butter. This scrumptious (fingers crossed) beer is being made from mash that was strained an inordinate amount of times. It’s a labor of love. We hope you enjoy a nice Cowboys Brew during the next Cowboys game… not coming to a store near you.

You can check out the original “Ode to Cowboys” here. There will be another Bro-est Bros You Knows coming out soon, with some new app ideas that will blow your mind. The potential for these ideas is “unattainable” (see Smith, Josh) and we are beyond elated. BBYK also believes that the ceiling for Free Speech has no roof. Everyone needs to message @zanahoria3 and encourage her to post more… because her stuff is amaZing.

You can follow us on Twitter @VividKaret and you can follow me for the latest FTF news and blogs @facethefacts22. More FTF’s are coming your way, so for all #thingsthatareawesome, keep it tuned in here. Until next time, remember, some times in life you just need to… face the facts!


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