Face The Facts – Episode 17: Hadouken III (UFC Edition)



Happy New Year to everyone from FTF, may your 2015 be way more awesome than your 2014. 2014 was a great year for Vivid Karet, and we have really been gaining momentum generating new content for you guys. You other bloggers, vloggers, whatevers out there… you know how hard it can be to find motivation to consistently pump out material. Case in point, there was suppose to be a year end special Face The Facts…

So it is the new year and the UFC has gifted us with an awesome light heavy title fight featuring the champion, Jon Jones, and the undefeated challenger, Daniel Cormier. If you haven’t already, read the excellent preview by Klar for tonight’s co-main events. To help everyone get pumped for this event this post will feature fight simulations for your mental stimulation, a little number I will continue to do under the Hadouken series. I will start doing this for big UFC fights and maybe even branch out into other sports, you never know.



So I simulated the co-main events on EA UFC for the Playstation 4. I don’t think I have reviewed this game, so here is the short and sweet version.

Review: A very polished and graphically top notch looking game that falls just short due to a few bugs. While I wish the career mode was more nuanced, there is no denying how good the in game action looks. A solid, if uninspiring, first entry for a UFC game in the next gen console era that does enough to be entertaining but should ultimately leave fans a touch unsatisfied.

3 out of 5 Vivid Karets:


So without further ado, lets start off with a simulated bout between Donald Cerrone and Miles Jury:



Myles Jury wins by submission in the first round! Looks like Diego Sanchez will not be virtually avenged today. Here is the statistical break down of the fight:



Myles Jury is so HAPPY!



So it was time for the fight everyone is waiting for… Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier!!!




Video is processing (*due to internet failure the video did not save, all I have is the celebration at the end)


WOW! Cormier wins by first round TKO. And NEW UFC LIGHT HEA… come on DC, hope you can do that tonight. Here is the statistical break down of the fight:



 Finish him DC!



To be fair, I rematched the fight, and it was a 5 round slug it out blood bath. Jone’s face was barely recognizable, Cormier had his left eye swollen shut. Jone’s wins a close decision to stay champion. If that is the fight that happens, that would be an epic way for the UFC to start off 2015. I will be uploading that at some point, the internet is stupid slow right now.


Fact – People that read Vivid Karet smell better.


Holy snapsel-cakes, have you been checking out the ridiculous amount of content coming out on Vivid Karet? Check out Marchewka (pronounced Mar-cheV-ka), fashionista extraordinaire, for the latest and greatest style tips. Klar and I will be coming out with a newly formatted  Bro-est Bros You Knows, now with more funny and less boring. Most importantly… it will be substantially shorter! I will be coming out with some new FTFs soon, so stay tuned to Vividkaret.com. Until next time, when in doubt… face the facts!



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