UFC 182 Preview: Main Event

Instead of a Friday Jam today you’re getting a preview for the much anticipated grudge match occurring tomorrow night at 10PM Eastern on Pay-Per-View – the UFC battle for the Light Heavyweight crown between Champion Jon “Bones” Jones and the unbeaten challenger Daniel Cormier.

Not only has the bad blood between these two been boiling for the past year – they infamously went to blows at a press event back in August – but every way that you look at this fight it is awesome.  These are two of the best fighters, not only in their weight class, but in the sport as a whole, and both are currently at the top of their game.  On one side you have Jones, the long and rangy unorthodox striker with incredible wrestling skills, and on the other side you have Cormier, short but very strong and possibly the best wrestler in the UFC.  Because of Jones’s height and length, his opponent’s kicking distance is usually his own boxing distance, and the the vast height disparity on display tomorrow night will only be accentuated, causing Cormier to eat a fair number of shots as he tries to touch Jones.  However, because of Cormier’s skill set, he should be able to get inside of Jones’s reach and possibly even take Jones to the ground to deal out his own share of punishment.

Look for the  first two or three rounds to feature a heavily entertaining back-and-forth battle with neither fighter clearly pulling away.  Once the championship rounds arrive, however, Jones will most likely start to dictate the fight using his experience and superior cardio to wear down his older opponent, stuffing Cormier’s take-down attempts and landing strikes from range en route to a decision win.

Is it OK to have a Fight of the Year candidate on the first weekend of the year?  You bet, and this will it.


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