Faux fur coat

Out dancing

I agonized for a while about whether to get a black faux fur coat.  My main concern was that it would take up a lot of closet space but that I may not wear it.  Since getting it a month ago, I’ve worn it at least four or five times.  I’ve worn it for going out – it goes with anything, and it’s warmer than my other jackets I normally use for going out.  I also wore it to church on Christmas over a blue dress.  It would look good with a formal dress, as well.

Mine was a steal at H&M, but I think it’s sold out online.  I very much like the one pictured above.    This jacket from Mango comes pretty close in price, and this one from Asos is also nice, but a little more expensive.

Light colored jackets would also work, and this one from Asos and this one from Forever 21 are particularly fantastic.

For a more formal occasion, Amazon has a pretty excellent shawl and cape.


2 Comments to “Faux fur coat”

  1. Do you really wear $2300 pants?

    • No, I have not yet actually invested in a pair of leather leggings because I’m concerned that I couldn’t wear them on my bike. However, when I do get them, it will either be on sale, like these or with leather panels, like these. Ideally, I’ll get good enough at sewing to make my own.

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