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January 31, 2015

Face The Facts – Episode 21: Groundhog Day

Fact – Groundhog hibernation gave rise to the popular American custom of Groundhog Day


The groundhog, or woodchuck (unofficial UD sponsor), is one of 14 species of marmots. These Brodents live a fast and furious Kensingtonian lifestyle and gorge themselves all summer to build up plentiful reserves of fat. After the first frost, they retreat to their underground burrows and snooze until spring, drawing their sustenance from body fat. BJ Penn does the same thing in Hawaii.

This groundhog factoid is FTF’s way of paying tribute to the great American tradition, GROUNDHOG DAY! Tradition dictates that if a groundhog sees its shadow that day, there will be six more weeks of winter, though such a prediction is seemingly a sure bet over much of the groundhog’s North American range. This celebration, which began in the United States as a Pennsylvania German custom, actually finds its origin in the Celtic pagan festival of Imbolc. Imbolc, meaning “in the belly,” is a Gaelic festival held on the 1st of February to mark the beginning of spring. In Ireland it is observed as the feast day of St. Brigid.




At the University of Design, where I got my male modeling degree, Groundhog Day is a huge celebration. There is a big bonfire in the woods, live music, grilling, kegs, and there even use to be a John Grant. In short, Groundhog Day is kind of a big deal to me. Keeping up with school tradition, alums all across the world still celebrate this great day. Tonight, DC alums will do their part as we gather together to drink and be merry. To everyone celebrating Groundhog Day…




Fact – Anderson “The Spider” Silva use to have arachnaBrobia!




UFC 183 may not have the most stacked card, but it has the return of the legend, Anderson Silva. If you haven’t heard it yet, we were able to get an exclusive interview with Anderson Silva before his grand return. Anderson talk about how he is feeling, his thoughts on Chael Sonnen, and also the origin of his nickname.



As we have been doing with the last few big fights, here is the FTF simulation, for your mental stimulation, of the epic matchup between Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz:

Silva vs. Diaz


WOW! I did not see that coming. You heard it here first, Diaz is going to upset the heavily favored Silva.

Fact – People that read Vivid Karet celebrate Groundhog.

Have fun and enjoy this awesome weekend fellow readers. Tomorrow we have the Super Bowl and here at FTF we are super psyched about that one.  We also think that a future president could win an election on the simple platform of turning the Monday after the Super Bowl into a national holiday.

Happy Groundhog Weekend!

January 30, 2015

Bro-est Bros You Knows – Episode 7 – Super Bro Weekend!


The Bro-est Bros cover Super Bowl weekend with brodacious flair! Featuring guest star mma legend Anderson Silva, who stops by to talk about his upcoming fight with Nick Diaz. Later on, Kensington’s finest, Psych Ed, drops by to drop truth bombs about THE VIVID KARET SUPER BOWL PARTY! Also a very special surprise guest stops by… you don’t want to miss this episode!


January 24, 2015

Face The Facts – Episode 20: Hadouken V (The Bro App-isode/UFC Edition III)

Welcome to the 20th episode of Face The Facts! Can you believe it? It is truly another numerical triumph for FTF and we have only the readers to thank for our success. I just cannot believe how popular this blog has gotten. Just the other day I got to hang out with my youngest brother (he was in DC for #marchforlife)  and I asked him how he liked our blog. He responded with something extremely encouraging like “you have a blog?” *This is also the same brother that inspired the term “face the facts.” Anyways, here at FTF, we are just thrilled to get to this milestone and we really hope you enjoy this special 20th “app-isode.”

Are you a bro that just moved to different city? Are you are having a hard time meeting new bros? Are most of the guys you know either lame/have kids or are old? Do you find yourself working out alone because everyone in your gym runs on the treadmill? Do you game all alone? You my friend are a sad bro. #foreveralone


Face the facts bro… you are a James Van Der Geek. Here at FTF, we know you feel the pain and we have been developing a brand new amazing app to help a bro out.  Soon you will be James Van Der Sleek as hell! Introducing BRO-FIST, the world’s first matchmaking mobile app for bros. 


Using geo-Brocation technology, users can set a specific radius, and they will have the option to bro down with anyone that is within that distance. It is so easy to use, even Michael Goldberg could use it. Here is how it works:


You download the BroFist app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store on to your smartphone device:


Once you fire it up you will be asked to fill out a quick bro survey where the questions will range from:

Do you even lift?

What whey protein do you use?

Does pounding beers after a workout negate your gains?

How many bro tanks do you own?

Do you consider beer pong a real sport?

What is your favorite portmanbro?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Are you financially responsible?

Do you have kids?

After you are done, you will then have the option to set your geo-Brocation radius. Once set, just tap the bro-fist to find your match:


Using our special patented brah-gorithm (that was perfected by bro-science) you will then be matched up with a compatible bro. If this bro seems bro to you, you can tap on the bro-fist and bro-fist bump this bro.  When he bro-fist bumps you back, you bros can arrange a bro-mantic hang out. You can meet at the bar and watch UFC. You can go to the gym and lift. You can sing drunk karaoke together. The choice is up to you, bro:


The best part of all, this app lets you be as judgmental and superficial as you want to be. There is a bro rating system built into the app. That way future Bro-Fist bros can see if you are truly bro or if you are just a douche. The rating system is based on Vivid Karets. 1 Vivid Karet means you are not. 5 Vivid Karets means you are one of the bro-est bros we know!


So whether you are fan of the same team, you enjoy fine scotch, or you are just an admirer of respectable muscles…


BroFist will help hook you up with bros to hang out with. Download the app and start BroFisting today. Brofisting… does that sound kind of… whatever. Here is what people are saying about this amazingly brodacious app:

This is hands down the best way to meet new bros… this app blue us away! – Bro-est Bros You Knows

Does this backwards facing ball cap make my forehead look big? – David Bridges

BroFist: Place Fist Here, bro! – BroFist enthusiast “meathead” Rob Lowe

We have never heard of it. – Forbes

What? – IGN

Please stop posting. – Clutchfans

That was my idea you dick! – DC Dog Runner

Why did you photoshop the CEO of BroFist on my meme? – Neil Patrick Harris

So for all you bros that have a hard time meeting other bros, those days are over. So stop being a sad bro… download BroFist and be awesome instead!


Fact – Affection Nate is the real brains behind the UFC operation.

Tonight we have another amazing card for UFC on Fox 14: Stockholm. The main event is a number one contender fight between the Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony Johnson. The winner gets the honor of facing Jon Jones for the belt. So far this card has been a knock-out-calpse… this  ish is cray cray!


As we have been doing for the past few fights, we did a fight simulation for your mental stimulation. As always this simulation was done using EA UFC on the Playstation 4. So without further ado, here is the simulation:

Gustafsson vs. Johnson

Wow! Gustafsson with a crazy round 2 finish. I don’t know if I necessarily think there will be a finish in this fight, but man would that be awesome. If anything, Johnson would be able to pull off an early finish with a barrage. Hopefully we get the fireworks we are promised from these two. Here are the stats from the fight:


Fact – People that read Vivid Karet are fans of Equilibrium

So there you have it, the 20th episode of Face The Facts. Hopefully, there will be plenty of FTF’s in the future. Now that buddy Lam reads this, we should be getting all sorts of buzz. You can follow me on Twitter @facethefacts22. We have an awesome card next weekend, with the return of the legendary Anderson Silva against the controversial Nick Diaz… so tune in for that one. Until next time, when in doubt… Face The Facts!

January 18, 2015

Face The Facts – Episode 19: Hadouken IV (UFC Edition II)


Fact – Lucky Charms have a ratio of 10,000,000 crappy tasting oat pieces to 1 AWESOME marshmallow.






I am going to start this Face The Facts on a rather somber note. No more will we allow Geico to appropriate a PSA by Cheer Safe to sell insurance. Nobody gets that excited about cold cuts, everybody knows that.



Concussions are very serious. If you see former NFL players reacting wildly to seemingly innocuous situations, please direct them immediately to their professional health care provider. No more “he just really likes lunch meat.” No more “he totally isn’t holding up the line.” NO MORE!


So FTF is back with another UFC fight simulation (you can check out the first one here) for you mental stimulation… brought to you by EA UFC on the Playstation 4. Playstation 4… greatness awaits! 




So this simulation features one of my personal favorite fighters in Conor McGregor. He is a brash and confident fighter that has garnered many fans with his bold trash talk and unique fighting style. After Anthony Pettis, McGregor may be the most exciting and dynamic striker the UFC has to offer. The Irishman didn’t come to take part, he came to take over… and with a win over Dennis Siver, he gets a title shot against featherweight juggernaut Jose Aldo. So let’s see how he did in the simulation:

McGregor vs. Siver



Perhaps a little bit more back and forth than the real fight will be, but Conor scores a dramatic virtual head kick knock out! Here are the stats from the fight:




There is also an awesome light weight matchup tonight featuring @klar21‘s favorite Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Benson “Smooth Henderson. Benson has won both of their previous fights, but can he get the hat trick against an improved and highly motivated Cerrone?

Cerrone vs. Henderson



So this is the second time that EA UFC had predicted a Cerrone loss via submission. Well he ended up destroying his opponent (Miles Jury) last time, so we will see if history repeats itself. I actually think the underdog Benson has a decent shot at the upset, he just needs to stick to his game plan and keep the fight close. Here are the stats from the fight:




Fact – People that read Vivid Karet are all honorary Irishmen 

So grab a pint of this stuff,


while you cheer on your favorite fighters in UFC Fight Night: Boston!


Lightning round: We will be hitting you with a new Bro-est Bros You Knows soon… Michael Goldberg, you are the only one that calls McGregor the Irish Mohamed Ali… You can follow me @facethefacts22…  if you get MLK day off (DC Dog Runner employees do), drink like it’s Saturday! To help you out, here are some party jams:


January 17, 2015

Blue maxi dress and further adventures in sewing


In anticipation of summer, I made myself a blue cowl neck maxi dress.  It looks (almost) as good as the one above, and fits much better than the one above would.    As a tall person (6 feet), I struggle to find maxi dresses that are long enough.  I ordered a few from Alloy last year, and they were just long enough, but not great quality.

The sewing process

For this one, I followed Meesha’s directions on YouTube, and just didn’t add on sleeves.  For the cowl neck, I traced the front of a cowl neck shirt I had.  The cowl neck actually was an advantage for me as a beginner – because it hangs down inside, you can’t see my uneven stitching at the neckline.

My first shot at making the dress was not successful – it was too big.  I ended up trying it on, pinning it as I did this shirt, and it ended up fitting perfectly along my torso. I may take in the bottom portion a little more later, but I like how it fits right now.

The result was a dress that was ten inches too long.  (As a tall person, this made me very happy.)  Before I hemmed it, though, I threw it in the washer/dryer.  While this didn’t affect the fit of the top, it ended up being five inches shorter than it had been before.  I was very glad I did this before hemming.

I decided to hem it so I could wear it with five inch heels, and I can always take it up more if I want.

Where to buy a blue maxi dress

If you’re not up for sewing or happen to be one of those lucky people who fit into clothes, here are a few options.

If you’re looking for something laid back, this dress from Revolve Clothing is affordable, and this Tommy Bahama dress looks very easy to wear.  Victoria’s Secret also has some good basic maxi dresses, but they have a pretty limited selection right now.  This black dress from Old Navy comes in tall and petite, which is nice.

If you’re going for a formal look, this one is divine for a formal occasion, as is this from the Outnet.

And finally, if you’re going for long-sleeved, this Rachel Zoe dress is fantastic.

January 16, 2015

Your Friday Jam: THE KING

This week’s Friday Jam is a combination music post and UFC post.  My favorite MMA fighter, The Notorious Conor McGregor, is fighting this Sunday night in Boston (and on Fox Sports 1), and a win for him solidifies a title shot.  The last time the Irishman fought in Boston he was on the under-card, yet the UFC still dimmed the arena lights and blared his song for his walk-out.  What was his song?  Well, it started with one of the most epic of Irish ballads, the Foggy Dew with Senad O’Connor and The Chieftains:

And then turned into the most fitting song for the location, Shipping Up to Boston by The Dropkick Murphy’s:

So enjoy the fight this Sunday – you will see one of the most talented strikers currently walking the face of the earth, the King, the Notorious, Conor McGregor.

January 10, 2015

Car shopping shoes

L'Autre Chose Chunky Heel Ankle Boots

If you spend most of your life in heels, it’s wise to wear them car shopping to make sure that your legs fit under the steering wheel.*  I wore boots with heels shaped like this (mine are Michael Kors from last year).  The heel makes them easy for walking through any snow/ice in the car lot, but gave me an idea of what it would be like for an everyday drive.

These boots are also have a good chunky heel.  If you’re not worried about snow, I like these from Charles David.

If you go in the summer, a wedge sandal would work well – good for walking and for providing an accurate idea of leg length in a car.  It’s hard to find wedge sandals (I like a light color to elongate the leg, a skinnier heel, and preferably a slip on style), but these Badgley Mischka ones come close, as do these from Jack Rogers.

*I instantly ruled out the Camry using this method.  


This post is dedicated to Little Car, 2006-2015.

January 9, 2015

Your Friday Jam: Waiting on the Maker

For anyone who has listened to even a handful of my Friday Jams (or simply taken a peek at my iTunes library), you know that I am a huge fan of The Departed, as well as their previous incarnation, Cross Canadian Ragweed.  With their latest album HippieLovePunk releasing next week on Tuesday, January 13th – this week’s jam just HAD to come from the upcoming album.  However, I had already posted all of the pre-released tracks here already, and we ain’t about reruns here.  Then, as if by Divine providence, The Departed released another track just a few days ago.

Maker is a tribute to a member of The Departed’s road crew, Lovey, who believe it or not, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before at previous shows with The Departed.  Lovey owns the distinction of being the world’s oldest roadie (it’s not like anyone fact checks these things), and the song perfectly encapsulates his laid back attitude.  And when the keys come in towards the end of the song… dear Lord.

Click on the image below to check out Maker.  Also, pre-order the new album here (they have several different packages available).

January 9, 2015

Face The Facts – Episode 18: An Ode to Cowboys II (feat. Cowboys Brew)


Fact – The Cowboys are the only NFL team to record 20 straight winning seasons!

The beginning of the season, no Lee or Ware,

the odds for success just didn’t seem there.

A loss to the Niners confirmed our fear:

this would not be our year.

Then an injury happened to Morris Claiborne,

and the Cowboys’ season was suddenly reborn.

Romo played with fire and passion,

throwing accurate strikes like a ninja assassin.

Murray ran with reckless abandon,

trucking linebackers before they knew what happened.

The almighty Dez also got in the mix,

throwing up X every time he scored six.

Proving the haters wrong at each turn,

every opposing D-Back got burned.

Passing to Beasley on 3rd and long,

Going to Witten, we never did wrong.

Lions down, three to go…

how do we win, though?

We were down to the Lions but held it together,

who cares if Green Bay has really cold weather!

Even if we trail, ya’ll know what’s up…



Fact – People that read Vivid Karet do have the right to be an attorney.




Cowboys Brew CPA ?% ABV.

This Texas-style CPA (Cowboy Pale Ale) is a one of a kind beer, brewed using only the finest American hops and high quality DC tap water.  Its mysterious (like seriously, we don’t know) flavor has hints of mysteriousness and butter. This scrumptious (fingers crossed) beer is being made from mash that was strained an inordinate amount of times. It’s a labor of love. We hope you enjoy a nice Cowboys Brew during the next Cowboys game… not coming to a store near you.

You can check out the original “Ode to Cowboys” here. There will be another Bro-est Bros You Knows coming out soon, with some new app ideas that will blow your mind. The potential for these ideas is “unattainable” (see Smith, Josh) and we are beyond elated. BBYK also believes that the ceiling for Free Speech has no roof. Everyone needs to message @zanahoria3 and encourage her to post more… because her stuff is amaZing.

You can follow us on Twitter @VividKaret and you can follow me for the latest FTF news and blogs @facethefacts22. More FTF’s are coming your way, so for all #thingsthatareawesome, keep it tuned in here. Until next time, remember, some times in life you just need to… face the facts!

January 4, 2015

In search of coral shoes

Jeannie by Badgley Mischka

My sister-in-law is getting **married** and we are wearing coral shoes!! 

I was slightly nervous about finding some, because coral is a very specific color, and, having looked through some examples, I found many that were tacky, out there, the wrong color, or the wrong material for my satin dress.

I was looking for heels that were about 4 inches tall (being tall, I feel like it’s good to wear a proportionally tall heel).  However, I do not generally enjoy tall platforms in the front.

Fortunately, I located the coral shoes section on My Glass Slipper.  I was able to get shoes that are my favorite brand,  Badgley Mischka, (and therefore will fit/be comfortable/be good for dancing the night away) and that can be dyed.  Although I don’t wear much coral, these shoes come close to my favorite shoes ever.

Runners up were Lauren by Pella Moda and Lille by Stuart Weitzman.

Hopefully these shoes turn out well in the dyeing process!