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December 30, 2014

UFC 182 Preview: Co-Main Event

It’s finally here.  The New Year’s weekend UFC event is historically one of the biggest of the year, and 2015 is no different with UFC 182 featuring an epic grudge match pitting Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones against undefeated Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier in the cards headliner.

However, before we get to the main event, we cannot overlook the co-main event.  While it is not quite the headline grabber that the Bones vs. DC fight is, the top-10 lightweight scrap between acclaimed action fighter Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and unbeaten uber-prospect Myles “Fury” Jury is must-watch television.  Cerrone is riding a five fight winning streak over top UFC lightweights, with all but the last one ending in finishes.  Jury, on the other hand, is riding a fifteen fight winning streak (his entire professional career) with the last six coming in the UFC.

Donald Cerrone has been around the block several times without ever fighting for the belt, always faltering when the belt seems to be within his grasp.  However, the Cowboy that has climbed into the octagon the last five times has seemed more focused than any Cowboy before.  He has always been incredibly talented in every aspect of the fight, but he now seems to be focusing on each individual fight rather than just treating them as another adrenaline fueled excursion.  If he can string together another two victories, he should get a title shot.

Myles Jury, a youngster at 26 years old, owns twelve finishes in his fifteen fight career and is likewise known as an entertaining action fighter.  While the majority of Jury’s fights have been against competition that you would be hard pressed to identify, in 2014 he dismantled both Diego Sanchez and Takanori Gomi in back-to-back fights.  Both Sanchez and Gomi are brawling, “bite down on your mouthpeice” fighters, and Jury simply picked them both apart while remaining offensive for essentially the entirety of the fights.  He is without a doubt one of the most exciting up-and-comers in the lightweight division.

As far as this fight is concerned, fireworks should be expected.  Both fighters are very active and look for the finish, while at the same time remaining very technical.  Both fighters have similar styles, using their length and movement to dictate the pace of the fight and taking down their opponent if necessary, as both men as comfortable on their feet as they are on their floor.  However, Cerrone has been fighting (and winning) against top-level competition for a long, long time, and this fight will prove to be too much too soon for Jury, no matter how talented he is.  If this fight were happening a year or two from now, Jury might well be the favorite, but because it is happening in January 2015, look for Cerrone to dictate the fight and keep Jury in front have him as he peppers with shots him for for a very entertaining, back-and-forth decision.  However, no matter which fighter has his hand raised at the end of the night, the fans will definitely be winners with this brilliant piece of matchmaking.

I will back in a couple of days with a preview of the main event between the champ Jon Jones and his challenger Daniel Cormier.  In the meantime, if you are so inclined, enjoy this amazing video by the UFC chronicling the rivalry between the two fighters.

December 30, 2014

Day to night

Day to night

One of my great discoveries in 2014 is Numari.  Previously, to get a dress that fit, I would either have to order size tall and get it tailored or make it myself.  For Numari, you send an extensive list of measurements, and they make a dress for you in about three weeks.

I found out about them after reading about their company in Capitol File.  They focus on day-to-night career wear, which is exactly what I need regularly.  The one above is the second dress I’ve ordered from them.

For day: I love this H&M blazer with puff sleeves, but any basic black blazer would work. For this outfit, I like the fact that I can wear the blazer to a meeting, and then take it off if I’m running up and down stairs.  Also, it’s very easy to just throw on a dress at the beginning of the day.  All in all, it’s not a super-inspiring work outfit, but the fact that the dress fits makes it amazing.  If I was feeling slightly more festive, I might add this necklace from Ann Taylor.

For evening: Evening requires a little more glitz, hence the necklace (which would also be daytime appropriate), ring, and purse.  Almost any necklace would go with this dress, but I especially like this strand necklace and bib necklace from Bauble Bar.  For shoes, I could also go for this pump with a gold strip on the toe or this slingback.

December 29, 2014

Three ways: Blue v-neck sweater

After some adventures in tailoring a blue v-neck sweater, here are three ways I’ll wear it:

For work:

Cold day at work


My office tends to have temperatures that fluctuate, so I always try to layer.  A blazer over a sweater is often a good solution.  This outfit would also be nice with a blouse under the sweater, like this one or this one.

On my motorcycle: 

La moto à l'automne


I called this one “La moto  à l’automne” because then it matches the ones I made for summer and winter.  But really, I’ve found that a regular leather jacket is great for the in-between-weather times in spring/fall.  It blocks the wind, but isn’t super warm like my Spidi jacket.

For the scarf, I like the Burberry pattern because it has red that matches my cbr600rr.  A different plaid print would work, as would a plain black scarf or a black and white scarf I also like this black/gray Burberry pattern.

For a chilly weekend:

Chilly weekend


This outfit is good for a day spent touristing, shopping, hiking, or otherwise walking around outside.  Paige denim is great, and these shoes are good for walking.  The earrings don’t overwhelm, and the purse is big enough to carry an umbrella just in case.

December 28, 2014

Adventures in tailoring



After some adventures in learning to sew, I decided to work on some already-made garments.  It seems like most clothes are made for women with no waists, so after purchasing a $12 blue v-neck sweater from the Limited today, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Step 1: I tried on the sweater and found the narrowest part of my waist.  I decided to take in the sweater 1.5 inches on each side.

Step 2: I measured the distance from the bottom of the sweater to the narrowest part of my waist.

Step 3: I took the sweater off and laid it flat.  I put a safety pin at the narrowest part of my waist using the two measurements I had just taken.  (I used safety pins because I don’t necessarily trust myself with the real thing.) 

Step 4: I put safety pins along where I thought I’d like to sew the rest of the sides.

Step 5: I tried it on with the safety pins on to make sure I did it right.

Step 6: I put some blue thread in my Brother sewing machine and sewed up the sides.

And done! Very glad I got a sewing machine.

December 28, 2014

Boatneck dress

Boatneck dress

After my recent adventures in learning to sew, I wore my new black boatneck dress to work.  (May I add that the dress cost me $3.33 in fabric.)  No one noticed my dress, which may be a good thing (I wear a lot of black dresses to work) or may have been a bad thing (no one wanted to mention my poorly hemmed skirt).  In any case, I was very happy with how it was styled with a leopard print belt and black and gold earrings.

I got my belt at Ann Taylor, but I like this Jimmy Choo one.  One the less expensive end, these from Target and the Limited are nice.

I’m very picky about leopard print for scarves.  I love mine (H&M earlier this fall), and the one pictured above is pretty fantastic.  This white and black print from Michael Kors is nice (although I would wear a different belt).

The best part was that the dress fit, something that doesn’t happen unless I drop $65 at the tailor or order a Numari dress.  Life has been busy, but I hope to start sewing again soon.

December 27, 2014

New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve

For NYE, I plan to wear a fun gold skirt with a black top and some additional sparkles.  The skirt I have is from H&M but looks like it’s sold out now.  Other options I like from H&M are this black skirt and this shiny one.

In terms of gold skirts, I love this one from the LimitedThis one from Mango is pretty good too.  I also like this black-and-gold one from Bloomingdales, which is a similar fit to the one pictured above.

I have a fun cocktail ring, also from H&M, also not available online.  I like this ring from Nordstrom (in gold), which is similar.

December 24, 2014

Face The Facts – Episode 16: A Vivid Christmas Special Ft. Capt. Dan


Dan’s Song

Welcome everyone to a wonderful episode of Face The Facts. This very special Christmas episode is dedicated to a true American Hero, Capt. Dan! Dan wasn’t always a hero, he use to be a normal everyday G.I. joe schmoe. When Dan was young, his parents would hold him and say, something is “not right,” he is way too charming to be a mere mortal. “Not Right” was a natural at everything he tried, but he had trouble finding something he was passionate about. That changed when he got to high school and joined the glee club. 



Dan loved singing. He felt like he could express himself truly through song. This is where Klar and I met Dan. Klar and I were good at singing too, but we could both tell there was something different about Dan.

Klar: There is something not right about that Dan… *claps along to the spontaneous number that just started

Me: Yeah, he is so good at singing. He may be the greatest singer of all time! *bobs head enthusiastically

Klar: Yeah, even better than Michael Bubbles. *spins around the kid in the wheelchair

Both: “conceal don’t feel…” *singing

Dan won multiple regional awards for his singing talents. He was Dan the Man!




After high school, Dan followed Klar and I to the University of Design. He majored in Pineapple Thievery with a minor in Mirror Deconstruction. While at UD, Dan had a calling to go serve his country. He joined the military and rose through the ranks.

Military Bro 1: How is he so good at logistics and eating middle eastern desserts?

Military Bro 2: Yeah, there is something not right about it. At this rate he will make Captain in no time.

They were right, soon  he was Capt. Dan! I bumped into him during my brief stint in Top Gun. I noticed that he had gotten seriously jacked during his time in the military.



Me: Dude, you look like a BEAST! What is your secret?

Dan: Never say no to extra reps… and cookies.




Dan was having the time of his life. He even sang to the troops to boost morale. They loved to hear his melodious voice. He had the voice of a Klar. To them he was Mr. America… nay… he was Capt. America!




Things were going well for Dan indeed. After a stint in Jordan, Dan was planning to go home for Christmas to see his family and friends. During his flight he listened to the critically acclaimed podcast “Bro-est Bros You Knows.” Everything seemed swell until the podcast was interrupted with a newsflash from the venerable Michael Donovan.



OH NO! North Korea has hacked Christmas Spirit! Kim Jong Grinch has struck!




Twas the day before Christmas and to vanquish his foes, Dan quickly assembled a team of heroes. To fight injustice was their crusade; they were the… Festivus Brigrade!!!




Spanda-man, Chtuhlu Smash, Me, “Athletic” Widow, Hawk-douche, T(hor)-Rum, and Capt. Dan! Just as soon as we met up, we were attacked by North Korean Rod-Bots. While terrifying, the Rod-Bots did adhere to Mook Chivalry. We fought waves and waves of Rod-Bots, and there was no end in sight.

“Athletic” Widow: The North Koreans have learned to harness Anti-Christmas Spirit to power these Rod-Bots!

Hawk-douche: What do you guys see when you look in the mirror?

Everyone / Me: Shut up Hawk-douche! / a cool guy… yeah, shut up Hawk-douche!  Totes…

Capt. Dan: I have an idea, but I need you guys to hold off the Rod-Bots.




Spanda-man: Holy sponge-cakes, these flipp’in Rod-Bots can absorb heavy damage! *smashes

Hawk-douche: It is a total rod fest in here, #amirite? *ducks

Chtuhlu Smash: Ahhhhhhh! *shrieks

Dan: I am going to use my military connections and put together a rhythmic counter offensive! *jumps

Everyone: What???

Dan: The North Koreans are powered by Anti-Christmas Spirit. We need to attack them with good ol’ Christmas Spirit!

Me: How do we do that bro?! *repulsor blast

Dan: People must believe! Belief intensifies Christmas Spirit. I must make sure that the world doesn’t stop believing!

Dan hopped aboard a military airplane and sped off as we fended off the enemy.




Dan flew around the world organizing an Awesome Christmas Spectacular ExtravaDanza. It will be the biggest concert in the history of mankind. He called upon his glee friends to help.

Dan: Guys, I am going to save Christmas with my super-powered voice, but I need your help. Are you guys busy?

Glee people: We are rehearsing for regionals, but we can… let it go! *harmonizing

Dan: Great, we Ameri-CAN do this!

Everything was put in place. He would have only one shot at this. He was going to make people believe again through the power of song. To make sure the entire planet could see his performance, he used high-tech experimental hologram technology to appear on stages around the world. It was time to stop the North Koreans!



Passion Nate and Emotion Al: Oh Yeah! Dan totally saved Christmas. We can watch The Interview on online now. It is a Christmas Day miracle. Never stop believing bros!

Fact – Capt. Dan saved Christmas.

What a most joyous occasion! His powerful angelic voice created a firewall around the world’s collective Christmas Spirit.  The Rod-Bots left with their nose rings tucked between their legs. They went off to go find another dictator to desperately latch on to for publicity. The Interview was now firmly entrenched as a “Holiday film.” Santa Claus was able to make his world-wide trek in record time because Capt. Dan’s majestic singing had inspired the reindeers to travel at lickety-split speed. The world was once again filled with Yuletide Cheer. A hero did save us.


Dan: Merry Christmas to all, and to all… please send me more cookies!




The End





December 23, 2014

Bro-est Bros You Knows – Episode 6 – Christmas Special

A very merry episode by the Bro-est Bros…. or is it?

December 19, 2014

Your Friday Jam: Conceal, Don’t Feel

No words are necessary for this post.  Just remember, let it go.

And Merry Christmas y’all!