Adventures in learning to sew

After watching too much Project Runway, I decided to learn how to sew this week.  My goal is to make clothes that are nice and long because I rarely fit into store-bought clothes, especially dresses.

I ordered a Brother sewing machine from Amazon because I have a Bother printer that has held up for several years.  It came the next day (love Prime!), and in the meantime, I had watched several videos to get myself up to speed.

This one was helpful in getting me started, having never used a sewing machine before:

This one covers all the basics and was helpful in realizing that I didn’t need a pattern to start:

I started by tracing a sweater that I particularly like, and I just followed the steps in Meesha’s video.  I used jersey fabric because I figured it could stretch if it wasn’t totally tailored.  It came out a little wobbly, but wearable, at least at home or on my motorcycle.    The sleeves are super super long.

photo 1

Encouraged by this relative success, I made another trip to the fabric store, where I discovered the sale rack.  I got some black fabric for $2.99/yard.  For this one, I lay a sweater and a pencil skirt on top of the fabric (all folded in half) and cut around it.  The result was this dress (also a little wobbly but ok).

photo 2
My next goal will be to learn something new, perhaps like how to sew in a zipper or do a kick pleat.


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