Your Friday Jam: Hozier

This weekend’s jam comes from Andrew Hozier-Byrne, a young musician born and raised in County Wicklow, Ireland.  You’re probably seen the Beats by Dre commercial with LeBron James featuring the lead single off of his first album Hozier (which also happened to be the lead single off of his first EP Take Me To Church in 2013).  Thankfully Beats chose this young man to be the sound of their latest campaign – if they hadn’t many people would have never discovered his music.

Today, however, you’re getting my personal favorite track off of Hozier’s debut album, It Will Come Back.  The bluesy-rock sound reverberating from this song, and honestly the whole album, is hauntingly beautiful.  Hozier seems to hearken back to the great American singer song writers of the 20th century and seems to encapsulate the sound of Americana.  Such natural talent is truly a breath of fresh air during this time of over-processed popular “music”.


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