Face The Facts – Episode 10: Hadouken



Fact – The word atari comes from the ancient Japanese game of Go and means “you are about to be engulfed.” The word was used by a player to inform his opponent that he is about to lose, similar to “check” in chess.





Face The Facts has finally reached the double digits! We are so excited, and there are so many people to thank. I would like to thank Zanahoria, my adorable wife, for always encouraging me with kind words like “wow, you really did learn to write in public school.” To my parents for always supporting me and telling me to focus on important things like not blogging. To Mr. Pharmacy (and the future Mrs. Pharmacy, the biggest of congratulations to you two!) for being that one person that would read FTF with the distinguished quality of not being a bot.98c14d054a4d304a229abe3226b08f8a


To Marchewka and Klar, who not only bring awesome content to VividKaret.com (Promotion Al) but bring awesome adventures in real life. We should vine a quadrangle group hug and post it to ActivePleasures.com… an example of an exercise that is good for the soul. (Seriously guys, we need to update that… we’ve had people who have been hurdling since 2013) Last but not least, we really couldn’t have hit 10 episodes without the help and support of the first 9 episodes and their ability to exist sequentially. This is truly a numerical triumph. We started from the bottom, now we here.


To celebrate the 10th episode of Face The Facts, this FTF will introduce a new series we have been working on… HADOUKEN! The Hadouken series of FTF will be a video-gaming centric segment, covering everything from the old school to the next gen. Whether you are a fan of Candy Crush or Mario Kart, there will be something here for half of you. FTF:Hadouken will review current titles and provide previews on future ones. There will also be some reminiscing on the good ol’ games of yore. Basically, the Hadouken series will be bringing all of the gaming goodness this world has to offer. So let’s get to it!


Fact – Mario, originally called “jumpman,” looked the way he does because of the hardware limitations of the time. He was given a mustache to separate his nose from his face and a hat because hair was considered too hard to draw.

Video games hold a very different worth to different people, it really comes down to your experiences growing up. Some people grew up bascially plugged in to a videogame system. People like that probably need to face the facts (you tell them Albert!) about their life. There are people like my wife, who did not grow up in a particularly video-game friendly household. That meant that she spent her time miserably making new friends and exploring outside with them. This may be why she has vastly superior social skills than I do. She does however have a soft spot for lemmings, winning!


You have people like my good friend Capt. Dan, who remembers long nights of gaming sessions with his brothers. He once told me that he was sure his mother knew videogames were bad in such large doses. She would let it slide because it meant he and his siblings were distracted, in no imminent threat of danger, and the house was quiet (aside from the occasional NO!). You have people like my flatmate Klar who are a sort of hybrid class (rpg reference). He has fond memories of going over to his relatives house and playing some Sega Genesis with his cousins. It was all about Sonic The Hedgehog.


For me, it was a little bit of a combination between Capt. Dan and Klar. I still remember when my dad got me my Nintendo Entertainment System. It came with the light gun that you could play Duck Hunt with. This wasn’t even for my birthday or Christmas… I just remembered it happening out of the blue. What that started was a magical journey through an 8 bit wonderland. Videogames can be a bit like a drug, both addicting and able to produce feelings of euphoria. There was nothing like feeling invincible after getting your white suit swag on in Zelda or feeling like you were sharing in this great videogame secret when you took the warp pipe to level five in Super Mario Bros.


I still remember conquering Crystal Palace and wanting to name every dog I would ever own Zap (for the record I’ve had one dog in my life, and we named him Skippy after a priest [no definitely not after the annoying Star Fox character… seriously, do a barrel-roll every once in a while and maybe you wouldn’t keep getting in trouble]). I would literally jump around with my characters on screen, which would make my dad lol and my mother happy (I was seriously fat, jumping while playing videogames was probably the most exercise she could get me to do). I remember Willow (also watch the movie with the amazing Val Kilmer), a game that had such a scary queen as the main antagonist, I couldn’t play the game unless my dad sat in the room. Thanks Bo, that had to be boring. (But seriously, she turned people into pigs!!! Plus she wanted to murder a baby, creeeeeeepy).


My other nostalgic videogame related memories were of going to my cousins’ house and playing their Super Nintendo. Super Mario World… SFII… Bomberman… it was always a blast seeing my relatives but this made the trip to their place so much more fun. Of course I was only allowed to play in 5 minute increments. Let me explain, the videogame store around the corner from their house only rented out games in 5 minute increments. Does this sound like a ludicrous business model to you? Well, that’s because it was completely bogus, as in this business was non-existent. They made up the story to limit my time on their videogame equipment. They even drove me to the “game rental building” to prove where they had to “return” the games. Come on Choiloi, get your head in the game!!! The building clearly says Kodak on the front.                                            ($) X   10


Even with their elaborate ruse suppressing my full gaming experience, it was enough to engage the imagination of a young Choiloi. What if I competed in a World Warrior tournament? Nah, too fat. What if I had a pet dinosaur named Yoshi? He would be my best friend! We would do everything together, like go to the arcade and eat ice cream (I was a fat kid btw). We could build a tree house together and just live up there, occasionally raiding my parents house for sustenance like Cheetos and Oberto beef jerky (I was eating that way before anyone paid me too, Richard Sherman…I even had a jingle “oh boy obertooooo/oh boy obertooo” – yes I was a fat kid).


The Super Nintendo was glorious and it had my all time favorite game, CHRONO TRIGGER. Chrono Trigs will be left for another FTF:Hadouken, or maybe multiple FTF:Hadoukens. My love for that game is great; I once stole my little brothers PSP to play Chrono Trigger, and that was when I was in Law School. That great game aside, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for my OG Nintendo. I grew up in the 8 bit generation, where if the background changed colors it was considered graphically top notch. Look you punk kids, some of the best games that come out today derived from these 8 bit masterpieces. So for all the fans of the GREAT 8 BIT ERA, here is a little treat for you guys to celebrate FTF:10 – Super Mario Bros with an Allstar cast of 8 bit heroes. http://www.explodingrabbit.com/games/super-mario-bros-crossover/

Fact – The PlayStation 2 was the first system to have graphics capability better than that of the leading-edge personal computer at the time of its release.

Take that “PC is the master race.”



Fact – People that read Vivd Karet never go bald.

Thanks for reading the 10th episode of FTF. Please check out all of the great content on VividKaret.com, it is all #thingsthatareawesome. If you haven’t already, you can follow me on twitter @facethefacts22. I will be coming up with a Bro-est Bros You Knows shortly, so stay tuned in for that. That is all until next time… remember, when in doubt, Face The Facts!



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