Face The Facts – Episode 9: (De)Marco!?… BROLO!

Fact – The term “work horse,” was appropriated as an expression in the 1950s to refer to certain breeds with recognizable features such as a tall stature, upright shoulders, and a strong grip. It derived from the then-popular “dray” or “draft” horse, which originated in the old English dragan, to haul.



Two major records were broken this weekend, but only one had a choreographed routine to celebrate it. Yeah… Peyton Manning’s touchdown record is kind of a big deal; just ask the near 24 million Americans that tuned in to watch it happen. What is lost in the celebration of Manning’s record is that there was another significant record broken last Sunday. Demarco Murray surpassed Jim Brown for the most consecutive 100 yard rushing games to start a season. JIM FREAKIN’ BROWN! This is a huge deal. Not because what he did was more remarkable than what Manning had accomplished, but because it had a much greater degree of difficulty considering the way the game is played now.

No big, just crushing records.

Sports writer David Steele argued in his article last week, that if both Manning and Murray broke the aforementioned records, Murray’s may be more significant. Even as a Cowboys fan though, this seemed a bit of a stretch. Generally speaking, career accomplishments should trump seasonal accomplishments. The reason being, great players can catch fire and burn up the league for one season, but only the game’s true elites can consistently put up the numbers to smash career records. It is harder and rarer to have great careers versus great seasons. A week later after witnessing the greatness that is Murray,  and armed with a bit of (lazy) research, I would like to help defend the contrarian position that Murray’s record is both harder and rarer than Manning’s record (given context)…. homer glasses on!

Homer glasses on!

Simply put, this isn’t your grandpa’s NFL. If you look at the single season passing records, 21 of the 30 best seasons were by currently active players, though, I’m not sure Matt Schaub counts as currently active. If you look over at the single season rushing records, only 3 of the 30 best seasons are by currently active players; only one if Adrian Peterson isn’t considered currently active. Now my flatmate, a huge Manning fan, would argue that Manning’s TD record will be so far out of reach when his career is over, making his achievements impressive regardless of how the game has changed. To that I say, you cheddar come up with something feta than that.

Yes Manning’s TD record is incredible and nearly 100 better than the third guy down, Mr. Dan MariNo Superbowl rings.  However, 8 of the 30 top passing touchdown career totals are held by currently active players. The Cowboys’ Tony Romo is on pace to surpass Steve Young by week 12. Andrew Luck, at 25 years old, is closing in on the top 150 and should be top 100 some time next season. To put that into perspective, that would project him out to surpassing Manning’s current record by the time he is 35 (Manning is currently 38). Aaron Rogers is on pace as well. By comparison, only one active player is in the top 30 for rushing touchdowns (once again, that number is ZERO if you don’t count Peterson as active).



Yes, today’s quarterbacks are a very talented bunch, but it is not as if there weren’t some really talented quarterbacks before. On the flip side, it isn’t like the running backs of today just all became scrubs. The game has evolved, and the workhorse running backs are extinct… or are they? Demarco Murray is proof that a strong ground game behind a premier everydown back is still a recipe for winning. Just ask the 6-1 Cowboys how it is working out for them. What he is doing right now would have been impressive in the heyday of the rushing game. Yet, no one until now has taken this record away from Jim Brown. Not Barry Sanders, not Eric Dickerson, not Earl Cambell, not Emmit Smith…. nobody in almost 50 years has been able to do that. The crazy thing about what Demarco has done is that he broke a record when the league trended away from players doing that.

There are a few players that project to at least give Manning a run for his money (His musically gifted younger brother Eli is on pace to surpass the great Joe Montana!) when their careers are over. This is a testament to both their talents and the modern emphasis on the passing game. Jamal Charles, Lesean McCoy, Arian Foster- are great backs that have evolved with the game and are getting a lot of their yardage through the air. Almost half of Jamal’s yards were recieving during his incredible year last season where he managed a whopping 2000 yards from scrimage. Unless the game goes old school, and it doesn’t look like it will any time soon, Murray’s record should be around for a while. So even if Manning’s accomplishment take center stage, cheer up Murray fans and enjoy these highlights:



Fact – The first walk-off hit in the seventh game of a World Series came on October 10,1924. Washington Senator infielder Earl McNeely hit a single to score Muddy Ruel with the winning run against the New York Giants in the bottom of the twelfth inning.

Are you excited?! The World Series are upon us and it is going to be an epic battle between the red hot Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants. Will Lorenzo CAIN and the rest of the Royals be up to the task and win it all for Kansas City? If you haven’t already, check out the World Series preview on Bro-est Bros You Knows. I know my wife Zanahoria and I are going to be tuned in for this. Also fellas… if you want to impress the ladies, rock Eric Hosmer’s new haircut the “Hos.” Go get them champ, you’re welcome.

Fact – People that read VividKaret.com are the type that discuss philosophy while enjoying a scotch.

Things I overhear at the gym:
Bro 1- I can’t believe you picked Chipotle over Cava, Cava is like way healthy.
Bro 2- Yeah, I know… it so gross, you can just taste how healthy it is.
Bro 1- But you can get chicken on it though, chicken is so boss!
Bro 2- They have chicken? I thought it was like Mediterranean…

The next Face The Facts will take a look at some TV shows that do not get enough love. Also, FTF will look at some exciting games coming out at the end of 2014 going into (HOLY MOLEY!) 2015. Please check out my podcast Bro-est Bros You Knows. This week Klar and I will cover a little UFC and fantasy football… and a special guest will drop by to talk about something so shocking… you won’t believe what happens next! Until next time, remember, when in doubt just Face The Facts.


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