Your Friday Jam: HippieLovePunk

Here at Vivid Karet, the greatest blog that is, we like to bring you the greatest that is of everything.  The greatest band that is just happens to be releasing their latest album (which will be the greatest album that is) this coming January and the first single off of the album became available this week to wet your appetite.  Listen to “Inbetweener” from The Departed over at Rolling Stone (for some reason I am unable to embed the song directly – Rolling Stone must really need the clicks…).  Friday Jams just keep rolling in the Red Dirt.


Pre-orders are up and running for HippieLovePunk over at The Departed’s website, and a little bird told me that the first 300 pre-orders will get a signed CD (but I’ve already pre-ordered mine, so that leaves 299 for the rest of you) – get on it, people.


Yep, here’s a chaser for the shot above – a little throw back Friday to possibly Cross Canadian Ragweed’s greatest song. Happy Friday, y’all.


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