Face The Facts – Episode 7: An Ode to Cowboys

Fact – The Cowboy Code was the foundation for the modern American Bro Code.


Few figures capture the hearts and minds of the American public more so than the cowboy. His free spirit and rugged toughness seemed to personify America herself. The frontier conquering cowboy had a certain dana sais quoi (per FTF #6, or wife will freak out that I didn’t spell je ne sais quois correctly), and has truly earned his place in American mythology, right next to the almighty apple pie. While cowboys have been photoshopped by Hollywood and turned into alcoholic, gun-slinging outlaws, being a cowboy actually meant living an honorable, and often humble lifestyle.

Many books and movies depict the Wild West as a chaotic time marked by vicious gun fights and bank robberies, but the truth is the violent crime rate was low during that time period. Historically low in fact. In the year 1880, the cow town hubs of Dallas, Texas and Leadville, Colorado recorded zero homicides. In fact, between 1870-1885, the cities of Abilene, Ellsworth, Wichita, and Dodge City recorded 45 homicides. That is a rate of 1 per 100,000 citizens for a 15 year span. Furthermore, 16 of the 45 homicides were recorded as authorized by law enforcement. In terms of violent crime, that makes the “Wild” West era the most peaceful period in American History.


Don’t be fooled by their tough and weathered exteriors; cowboys were not the murdering blood-thirsty bandits they are portrayed as in film. They were gentlemen, and they lived by their code. The cowboy code was a set of rules all cowboys abided by. The commandments of the Wild West, these rules helped ensure justice and civility in an otherwise untamed state of nature. The cowboy code encouraged all cowboys to treat each other as compañeros,  to treat all women with dignity and kindness, and to treat their profession with vigor and integrity. Many cowboys traversed the American Frontier with little more than their hats, their horses, and their code… satisfied by honest-to-goodness hard work and the most beautiful sunsets on God’s green Earth. One interesting rule in the cowboy code: cowboys were encouraged to nod instead of wave while on horseback. That’s right–the cowboy invented the original bro nod.

It is with these American icons that the Dallas professional football team proudly shares its namesake. This is America’s team, and for the first time in what seems like an eternity, America can be proud again. These Cowboys took on the reigning Superbowl champions. Even more daunting was that fact that they played on Seattle turf. What happened next was Washington crossing the Delaware. A supposed weakness going into the season, the Cowboys defense contained and pummeled Russell Wilson & company all game long.

Stop hating on the Cowboys D folks, they have replaced the yield sign that is Morris Claiborne with the stop sign that is Orlando Scandrick. The Seahawks were getting run over by Carr. They would get to Church and be baptized by bruises. For the most part, Lynch was least mode. The super speedy Harvin was held to ZERO yards receiving. If you were stupid enough to play him against the Cowboys D, you were rewarded with ZERO points in standard leagues. The Cowboys D punched the Seahawks in the face, and gave them a star-shaped black eye. On the flip side, the Superfriends Dez/Romo/Witten/Murray dominated the Legion of…Whom(?). As in, who were we suppose to fear? Richard Sherman? He got trucked over and over again by Dez and Murray. Earl Thomas? He missed Murray so badly on a tackle he wound up on a milk carton. Until this game, there were only rumors that you could run on the Seahawks:Demarco

Well Murray TMZed that mother. Yeah, the Boys sure looked good on Sunday. Now, don’t go out and pre-order your Superbowl Champions t-shirt just yet. We still have more than half a season to go. But for the first time in a long time, we can put the 5-1 “Cowboys” and “Superbowl contenders” in the same sentence, and not be accused of taking Mr. Mugatu crazy pills. How bout them Boys!?

Fact – Android would have bankrupted in 2003 if not for a cash donation of $10,000 by Steve Perlman, who refused a stake in the company.

So the hype machine is roaring away, and most signs point to an unveiling this week (possibly Wednesday the 15th) by Google. *According to a Forbes report, Google will announce their new Android OS on the 15th. The reveal is said to include both the new Android operating system (codenamed “L”) and the new Nexus phone (codenamed “Shamu”). This is exciting news for Android users as the Nexus line generally represents a harmonious integration of the latest and greatest in mobile technology and a pure Android experience. This is even more exciting with the launch of a new OS.

Now there are some people that will either prefer iOS or enjoy conforming to a doctored Android experience. I like to call these people the “blonde jocks” — they mean well, they just don’t know any better. So if you prefer contaminated Android, the new Nexus is probably not as exciting. Look you Blohn Jochs, go ahead and pre-order that Samsung S6, I heard it is the #nextbigthing. No offense to blonde jocks, Biff (batter up!) is a true Bro. For everyone else, here is a teaser trailer from Google:

Not much to go on, but it looks like Google is getting in on the phablet craze. They seem to tease a larger phone, which makes a lot of sense. With Samsung’s Note series and Apple’s Iphone Plus, the phabulous phablet trend seems here to stay. Early rumors suggest the new Nexus phone will be built by Motorola and will have a bigger screen with a 2k resolution. The phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 805 quadcore SoC and will run the new Android L. What do you think about the phablet trend? Are you excited for Google’s announcement? Post your thoughts in the comments section below… j/k  j/k… I know only you are reading this, Zanahoria. You don’t have to fake write a comment. I mean if you are going to swear that you are not really my wife… I WILL TOTALLY BELIEVE YOU!

Fact – People that read Vivid Karet.com score very well on the wonderlic.

The next FTF will feature a little NBA preview and what Kevin Durant’s injury means for the West. *Spoiler: Westbrook is going to break the season record for most field goal attempts* Please, if you haven’t already, check out all the different content we have on VividKaret. You can  follow me on twitter @FaceTheFacts22. Also, Klar and I will be coming out with a new Bro-est Bros You Knows pretty soon, so keep an eye out for that. For all things that are awesome, keep it here at Face The Facts.


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