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October 31, 2014

Face The Facts – Episode 12: A Very Vivid Halloween!

Fact – Michael Myers’ mask in the movie Halloween was actually a mask of the great William Shatner.

Welcome to a very special edition of FTF, where we bring you all the #thingsthatareawesome.  This FTF will be very different… very personal. You see, this is a story from my past. It is a story so scary and horrifying I was afraid to share it. Honestly, the memories of my haunting past have come back to me very slowly. I have heard that victims of traumatic experiences repress their memories to cope with the pain. For years I have gone about my life like nothing had happened… but this halloween I can feel an evil presence compelling my fingers to type out and share my story once and for all.

This story is certified #thingsthatarespooky.  I really hope that you, the reader, can handle this.  My story is not for the faint of heart. You will not be judged if you click away, what you are about to read is so scary it could drive you insane. You have been warned. While the story will definitely spook your pants off, my story starts off innocently enough.

Klar and I had just graduated from the University of Design with degrees in Male Modeling. We were at the top of our class, truly some of the most handsome men to ever adorn the halls of UD. We were even voted our classes best best friends. Life was great; we were just two dudes that posed for fashion magazines in underwear that barely covered our dinguses. Learning from Brofessor Zoolander, we dominated our industry. In our free time we played video games, practiced martial arts, and had an all around bromantic time. Life was great.




We got ridiculously good at MMA, and Affection Nate approached us to join the UFC. We had never heard of it, so we declined. In fact Klar and I got so good at martial arts we became honorary Power Rangers. Can you believe that? If I go looking around Mt. Vesuvius, I might still be able to find the Dino-zord that I set free. We were great Rangers, so great that the Air Force approached us about being part of their Top Gun program. Of course we joined (call-signs me = Passion8 and Klar = Emotion Al), and we proudly served our country.





We got the chance to flip off a few Russians along the way. Things were going well, and then something happened that changed everything. The Air Force announced they were hiring a civilian consultant… a señorita by the name of Zanahoria. She was gorgeous! She had the most beautiful smile and she proudly wore the hat of her people.





She wasn’t just easy on the eyes. Zanahoria was a straight up bad ass! She told us in our first meeting that she wanted to teach the American military how to “fill in the bleeders!” I was in love. Like floating off the floor, I totally get the Notebook now, in love. This girl was SMOKING!




However, my natural good looks and charm didn’t seem to work on her. She ignored me like she was Jeremy Lin during an Asian Appreciation game at the Verizon Center. I mean she just straight up would not talk to me. Klar went on a reconnaissance mission for me using his Ranger training, and he found out she loved singing.

That was tough, I have a very powerful voice but I wasn’t as musically gifted as Klar, who had a voice that angels stop and listen too. In heaven people say “you have a voice of a Klar.” Being a complete bro, Klar agreed to help me win Zanahoria’s heart and helped me serenade her.




It worked! Zanahoria loved it, and in time she didn’t mind me too much. The three of us would go and do all sorts of stuff together. We would go watch UFC fights (we had no idea it would actually become a “thing”).  We would play bocci on the lawn. We would have late night karaoke jam sessions. We did basically everything together.




It was clear that Zanahoria and I were in love. One day I proposed and SHE SAID YES! We got married that fall. Klar was my best man and Zanahoria’s maid of honor. All of our male models (the ones that survived the tragic gas fight of 2008) and military buddies were in attendance. Even our good friend Capt. Dan was there, collecting second harvest in the background.



It was a magical ceremony held in the forrest just at twilight.




Through the years, Klar slowly grew envious of my relationship with Zanahoria. He felt like we weren’t spending enough time together. Not one to silently sulk, he told me he was concerned our bromantic days were over. I told him that they would never be over… I swear I heard Zanahoria sigh (in relief I am sure) when I said this.

Klar: but bro, we never hang out any more. Yesterday you watched Project Runway with your wife instead of playing some Playstation with me.

Me: Yeah I know… Amanda totally should have won, she made her own jewelry!?

Klar: Bro, this is what I am talking about. I feel like our bromantic days are over.

Me: No, they will never be over!

Zanahoria: le sigh*

Klar: Gesundheit.

Me: Look bro, let’s take our yacht out on a trip to Australia. Just us dudes! Maybe we can find you a girl down under!

Klar: I am so jacked for this!

Zanahoria: Seriously?!

I am pretty sure she meant “seriously, you guys should do this.” Totes…



So we took our boat, the S.S. Vivid Karet, and we headed for Australia. It was an awesome trip. We got our tan on, jet skied, and got to surf on a whale or two. It was just like old times, we were having the most bromantic trip. When we reached Australia, we made plans to hit up a beer tasting and then go scuba diving. Our boat was just about to dock in Sydney when all of a sudden:




Chtulhu showed up out of no where and started wrecking the city. The HORROR! It was pure madness, Chtulhu just stomped around destroying the city. Every once in a while she would rear up and make a high pitched “AHHHH” scream of terror. Klar and I looked at the devastation from a window on our boat.




Me: Are you thinking what I am thinking?

Klar: Aim for the bushes!?

Me: No… it is time to use our Ranger powers to do good.

Klar: You are right, let’s go battle Chtulhu.





We morphed and called on the power of the Dino-zords to defeat Chtulhu. We had given up our days as Rangers long ago, but it looked like the world was going to need us to save the day one more time. We powered up and soon, operating the Zord felt like second nature. We headed out to water to draw Chtulhu away from the city. She ran towards us and leapt at our Zord!





I won’t be able to accurately describe what happens next. Consider this merely a tribute to the GREATEST BATTLE IN THE WORLD! Chtulhu would attack and we would counter. It was back and forth. We relied on our expert training to throw some roundhouse kick-photon torpedo combinations. We were using our extra extra fast speed. Klar and I were highly skilled but the might of the beast was frightening. She pierced the air with her shrieks of terror. She rapidly waved her tendrils at us. She possessed a hideous face with sinister features. A most horrifying creature…




Klar: She is incredibly cunning, she keeps pinching my side of the Zord… she must know I am ticklish.

Me: This is our most epic battle yet, better than any fictitious bar fight could ever be.

Klar: I am proud to be your partner, you can be my wingman anytime

Me: Bullshit, Zanahoria can be my wingman anytime

Klar: but….

Me: Sike! I meant “bullshit, you can be mine.”

Klar: wait does that still work… like maybe I should say my line about you being my wingman again and then you can say your line and then it will…..AHHHHH!




Cthulhu had managed to grab a hold of us… we were doomed. I had to think fast. There was only one thing left to do:





It worked! Chtulhu was subdued and we called our friends from the Navy to come get her and treat her at NIH. I was sure with treatment she wouldn’t be so terrifying. They brought a carrier and were set to haul her back to the States.




Klar was afraid that they would experiment on her and stuff. He said that he heard of it on the news or twitter or something. I told him that we would have to have faith that people with medical degrees were much better equipped to handle this than we were after being briefly “educated” by social media. He didn’t seem convinced, and went off. We are not sure but somehow Chtulhu revived and broke free!





I didn’t want to do this to you, reader. I know that the story was a lot to take in, but I am afraid the scariest part hasn’t even come yet. You see, Chtulhu was never caught after she escaped. The military officially does not recognize her existence.  Sidney’s destruction was blamed on a tsunami. The citizens were Men In Black “flashy thinged.”

This is why nobody knows of this horrifying event except for me. At any moment she can strike, leaving mass hysteria and devastation in her wake. If you are reading this, it is your duty to share this with everyone you know. My story is the key to saving the entire human race. Please, don’t let this happen again. As for Klar…. I never heard from Klar after we got back to the States. I tweet at him every once in a while, hoping he will tweet back. If you see him, tell him Choiloi would be his wingman anytime.




Epilogue –






Klar: Hey bey!


Klar: It’s ok… I know you are scared, but I won’t let them take you.


Klar: Look I get it , you are hungry… you want meal?


Klar: Look don’t worry, I am going to help you… AHHHHHH!

Chtulhu: *gulp











October 31, 2014

Your Friday Jam: Happy Halloween!

We’re kicking it old-school today with this radical Halloween jam.  And no, it’s not Thriller.  Don’t eat too much candy tonight, kiddos, and watch out for a nightmare on your street.


October 28, 2014

Face The Facts – Episode 11: Thus Spoke Zanahoria

Fact: John Denver was born Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. and changed his last name because someone suggested that “Deutschendorf” was too long to fit on the marquee.

When I was a kid my mother would record us singing songs. Some were made up, some were Vietnamese, and some were apparently John Denver. We had a sweet moment the other day, when she texted me that “our favorite song” had come on the radio. I had one of those “d’oh” moments as an adult when I realized that the lines “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy/Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry/Sunshine on the water looks so lovely/Sunshine almost always makes me high” weren’t just my mom’s sweet lyrical nothings.

Fact: The NBA season started today, beginning the one week of the year in which you could theoretically watch major league Baseball, Football, and Basketball at the same time.

Lebron/Irving/Love- Cleveland's "LIL 3"

Lebron/Irving/Love – Cleveland’s “LIL 3”

Hoop fans everywhere are excited. Is the new “LIL 3” (COINED) of Love, Irving, and Lebron championship material? Are the Spurs going to 2peat for the first time in franchise history? Will the NBA learn how to use italics to improve the readability of its instant replay rule changes? We will have to see, especially about those LIL 3 (my wife came up with that and she thinks it’s genius…which it kind of is). Pretty big news in the NBA last week, the NBA teams rejected a proposal that would have re-done the draft process. Check out Bro-est Bros for their take on a potential draft revisal. Also, the Mavericks have Chandler Parsons now… you’re welcome.

Fact: Chinchillas are crepuscular rodents. Crepuscular means “of, resembling, or relating to twilight.”


What a handy word to now have in my lexicon. However, in zoology it specifically means appearing or active in twilight. I’d make a movie joke right now but I’d like to think I’m better than that. We’ll be having a post about Nacho, our crepuscular rodent, in a few days. He’s been much feistier lately now that his cage is (almost) as big as our bathroom. He indulges in many crepuscular activities.

Fact – People that Vivid are unusually photogenic. 




OK, I’m going to watch the game. LET’S GO ROYALS! Man, this KC crowd is awesome! Up 8-0 on Lorenzo Cain’s double! WAHOO! *Royals Win!

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October 25, 2014

Bro-est Bros You Knows – Episode 5

The Bro-est Bros talk about the World Series, UFC, NBA, and Fantasy Football. Special guest Matthew Mcconaughey drops by to talk about Texas sports and something so shocking you won’t believe what happens next!

October 24, 2014

Face The Facts – Episode 10: Hadouken



Fact – The word atari comes from the ancient Japanese game of Go and means “you are about to be engulfed.” The word was used by a player to inform his opponent that he is about to lose, similar to “check” in chess.





Face The Facts has finally reached the double digits! We are so excited, and there are so many people to thank. I would like to thank Zanahoria, my adorable wife, for always encouraging me with kind words like “wow, you really did learn to write in public school.” To my parents for always supporting me and telling me to focus on important things like not blogging. To Mr. Pharmacy (and the future Mrs. Pharmacy, the biggest of congratulations to you two!) for being that one person that would read FTF with the distinguished quality of not being a bot.98c14d054a4d304a229abe3226b08f8a


To Marchewka and Klar, who not only bring awesome content to (Promotion Al) but bring awesome adventures in real life. We should vine a quadrangle group hug and post it to… an example of an exercise that is good for the soul. (Seriously guys, we need to update that… we’ve had people who have been hurdling since 2013) Last but not least, we really couldn’t have hit 10 episodes without the help and support of the first 9 episodes and their ability to exist sequentially. This is truly a numerical triumph. We started from the bottom, now we here.


To celebrate the 10th episode of Face The Facts, this FTF will introduce a new series we have been working on… HADOUKEN! The Hadouken series of FTF will be a video-gaming centric segment, covering everything from the old school to the next gen. Whether you are a fan of Candy Crush or Mario Kart, there will be something here for half of you. FTF:Hadouken will review current titles and provide previews on future ones. There will also be some reminiscing on the good ol’ games of yore. Basically, the Hadouken series will be bringing all of the gaming goodness this world has to offer. So let’s get to it!


Fact – Mario, originally called “jumpman,” looked the way he does because of the hardware limitations of the time. He was given a mustache to separate his nose from his face and a hat because hair was considered too hard to draw.

Video games hold a very different worth to different people, it really comes down to your experiences growing up. Some people grew up bascially plugged in to a videogame system. People like that probably need to face the facts (you tell them Albert!) about their life. There are people like my wife, who did not grow up in a particularly video-game friendly household. That meant that she spent her time miserably making new friends and exploring outside with them. This may be why she has vastly superior social skills than I do. She does however have a soft spot for lemmings, winning!


You have people like my good friend Capt. Dan, who remembers long nights of gaming sessions with his brothers. He once told me that he was sure his mother knew videogames were bad in such large doses. She would let it slide because it meant he and his siblings were distracted, in no imminent threat of danger, and the house was quiet (aside from the occasional NO!). You have people like my flatmate Klar who are a sort of hybrid class (rpg reference). He has fond memories of going over to his relatives house and playing some Sega Genesis with his cousins. It was all about Sonic The Hedgehog.


For me, it was a little bit of a combination between Capt. Dan and Klar. I still remember when my dad got me my Nintendo Entertainment System. It came with the light gun that you could play Duck Hunt with. This wasn’t even for my birthday or Christmas… I just remembered it happening out of the blue. What that started was a magical journey through an 8 bit wonderland. Videogames can be a bit like a drug, both addicting and able to produce feelings of euphoria. There was nothing like feeling invincible after getting your white suit swag on in Zelda or feeling like you were sharing in this great videogame secret when you took the warp pipe to level five in Super Mario Bros.


I still remember conquering Crystal Palace and wanting to name every dog I would ever own Zap (for the record I’ve had one dog in my life, and we named him Skippy after a priest [no definitely not after the annoying Star Fox character… seriously, do a barrel-roll every once in a while and maybe you wouldn’t keep getting in trouble]). I would literally jump around with my characters on screen, which would make my dad lol and my mother happy (I was seriously fat, jumping while playing videogames was probably the most exercise she could get me to do). I remember Willow (also watch the movie with the amazing Val Kilmer), a game that had such a scary queen as the main antagonist, I couldn’t play the game unless my dad sat in the room. Thanks Bo, that had to be boring. (But seriously, she turned people into pigs!!! Plus she wanted to murder a baby, creeeeeeepy).


My other nostalgic videogame related memories were of going to my cousins’ house and playing their Super Nintendo. Super Mario World… SFII… Bomberman… it was always a blast seeing my relatives but this made the trip to their place so much more fun. Of course I was only allowed to play in 5 minute increments. Let me explain, the videogame store around the corner from their house only rented out games in 5 minute increments. Does this sound like a ludicrous business model to you? Well, that’s because it was completely bogus, as in this business was non-existent. They made up the story to limit my time on their videogame equipment. They even drove me to the “game rental building” to prove where they had to “return” the games. Come on Choiloi, get your head in the game!!! The building clearly says Kodak on the front.                                            ($) X   10


Even with their elaborate ruse suppressing my full gaming experience, it was enough to engage the imagination of a young Choiloi. What if I competed in a World Warrior tournament? Nah, too fat. What if I had a pet dinosaur named Yoshi? He would be my best friend! We would do everything together, like go to the arcade and eat ice cream (I was a fat kid btw). We could build a tree house together and just live up there, occasionally raiding my parents house for sustenance like Cheetos and Oberto beef jerky (I was eating that way before anyone paid me too, Richard Sherman…I even had a jingle “oh boy obertooooo/oh boy obertooo” – yes I was a fat kid).


The Super Nintendo was glorious and it had my all time favorite game, CHRONO TRIGGER. Chrono Trigs will be left for another FTF:Hadouken, or maybe multiple FTF:Hadoukens. My love for that game is great; I once stole my little brothers PSP to play Chrono Trigger, and that was when I was in Law School. That great game aside, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for my OG Nintendo. I grew up in the 8 bit generation, where if the background changed colors it was considered graphically top notch. Look you punk kids, some of the best games that come out today derived from these 8 bit masterpieces. So for all the fans of the GREAT 8 BIT ERA, here is a little treat for you guys to celebrate FTF:10 – Super Mario Bros with an Allstar cast of 8 bit heroes.

Fact – The PlayStation 2 was the first system to have graphics capability better than that of the leading-edge personal computer at the time of its release.

Take that “PC is the master race.”



Fact – People that read Vivd Karet never go bald.

Thanks for reading the 10th episode of FTF. Please check out all of the great content on, it is all #thingsthatareawesome. If you haven’t already, you can follow me on twitter @facethefacts22. I will be coming up with a Bro-est Bros You Knows shortly, so stay tuned in for that. That is all until next time… remember, when in doubt, Face The Facts!


October 24, 2014

Your Friday Jam: Drive Edition

Drive: The uber-violent yet incredibly gorgeous, slow-burning masterpiece from director Nicolas Winding Refn.  Not only did this movie provide us with some of the most iconic scenes in cinema history – and arguably the most bad-ass real human being and real hero in cinema history – it also provided us with a haunting soundtrack that drives the tension almost as much as the visuals.  If you have not yet seen it, do it now.  Just be sure to watch it without your wife or girlfriend because one of two things will happen if she watches it; A) she’ll hate the slow amazingly violent scenes, or B) she will leave you for Ryan Gosling.  Hell, you might even leave her for Ryan Gosling – look at that brooding face…

Whet your appetite with “A Real Hero”, set to a montage from the movie (no real spoilers), by College featuring Electric Youth.

I hope this helps you drive into the weekend.

(crickets chirping)

I’ll show myself out.

October 21, 2014

Face The Facts – Episode 9: (De)Marco!?… BROLO!

Fact – The term “work horse,” was appropriated as an expression in the 1950s to refer to certain breeds with recognizable features such as a tall stature, upright shoulders, and a strong grip. It derived from the then-popular “dray” or “draft” horse, which originated in the old English dragan, to haul.



Two major records were broken this weekend, but only one had a choreographed routine to celebrate it. Yeah… Peyton Manning’s touchdown record is kind of a big deal; just ask the near 24 million Americans that tuned in to watch it happen. What is lost in the celebration of Manning’s record is that there was another significant record broken last Sunday. Demarco Murray surpassed Jim Brown for the most consecutive 100 yard rushing games to start a season. JIM FREAKIN’ BROWN! This is a huge deal. Not because what he did was more remarkable than what Manning had accomplished, but because it had a much greater degree of difficulty considering the way the game is played now.

No big, just crushing records.

Sports writer David Steele argued in his article last week, that if both Manning and Murray broke the aforementioned records, Murray’s may be more significant. Even as a Cowboys fan though, this seemed a bit of a stretch. Generally speaking, career accomplishments should trump seasonal accomplishments. The reason being, great players can catch fire and burn up the league for one season, but only the game’s true elites can consistently put up the numbers to smash career records. It is harder and rarer to have great careers versus great seasons. A week later after witnessing the greatness that is Murray,  and armed with a bit of (lazy) research, I would like to help defend the contrarian position that Murray’s record is both harder and rarer than Manning’s record (given context)…. homer glasses on!

Homer glasses on!

Simply put, this isn’t your grandpa’s NFL. If you look at the single season passing records, 21 of the 30 best seasons were by currently active players, though, I’m not sure Matt Schaub counts as currently active. If you look over at the single season rushing records, only 3 of the 30 best seasons are by currently active players; only one if Adrian Peterson isn’t considered currently active. Now my flatmate, a huge Manning fan, would argue that Manning’s TD record will be so far out of reach when his career is over, making his achievements impressive regardless of how the game has changed. To that I say, you cheddar come up with something feta than that.

Yes Manning’s TD record is incredible and nearly 100 better than the third guy down, Mr. Dan MariNo Superbowl rings.  However, 8 of the 30 top passing touchdown career totals are held by currently active players. The Cowboys’ Tony Romo is on pace to surpass Steve Young by week 12. Andrew Luck, at 25 years old, is closing in on the top 150 and should be top 100 some time next season. To put that into perspective, that would project him out to surpassing Manning’s current record by the time he is 35 (Manning is currently 38). Aaron Rogers is on pace as well. By comparison, only one active player is in the top 30 for rushing touchdowns (once again, that number is ZERO if you don’t count Peterson as active).



Yes, today’s quarterbacks are a very talented bunch, but it is not as if there weren’t some really talented quarterbacks before. On the flip side, it isn’t like the running backs of today just all became scrubs. The game has evolved, and the workhorse running backs are extinct… or are they? Demarco Murray is proof that a strong ground game behind a premier everydown back is still a recipe for winning. Just ask the 6-1 Cowboys how it is working out for them. What he is doing right now would have been impressive in the heyday of the rushing game. Yet, no one until now has taken this record away from Jim Brown. Not Barry Sanders, not Eric Dickerson, not Earl Cambell, not Emmit Smith…. nobody in almost 50 years has been able to do that. The crazy thing about what Demarco has done is that he broke a record when the league trended away from players doing that.

There are a few players that project to at least give Manning a run for his money (His musically gifted younger brother Eli is on pace to surpass the great Joe Montana!) when their careers are over. This is a testament to both their talents and the modern emphasis on the passing game. Jamal Charles, Lesean McCoy, Arian Foster- are great backs that have evolved with the game and are getting a lot of their yardage through the air. Almost half of Jamal’s yards were recieving during his incredible year last season where he managed a whopping 2000 yards from scrimage. Unless the game goes old school, and it doesn’t look like it will any time soon, Murray’s record should be around for a while. So even if Manning’s accomplishment take center stage, cheer up Murray fans and enjoy these highlights:



Fact – The first walk-off hit in the seventh game of a World Series came on October 10,1924. Washington Senator infielder Earl McNeely hit a single to score Muddy Ruel with the winning run against the New York Giants in the bottom of the twelfth inning.

Are you excited?! The World Series are upon us and it is going to be an epic battle between the red hot Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants. Will Lorenzo CAIN and the rest of the Royals be up to the task and win it all for Kansas City? If you haven’t already, check out the World Series preview on Bro-est Bros You Knows. I know my wife Zanahoria and I are going to be tuned in for this. Also fellas… if you want to impress the ladies, rock Eric Hosmer’s new haircut the “Hos.” Go get them champ, you’re welcome.

Fact – People that read are the type that discuss philosophy while enjoying a scotch.

Things I overhear at the gym:
Bro 1- I can’t believe you picked Chipotle over Cava, Cava is like way healthy.
Bro 2- Yeah, I know… it so gross, you can just taste how healthy it is.
Bro 1- But you can get chicken on it though, chicken is so boss!
Bro 2- They have chicken? I thought it was like Mediterranean…

The next Face The Facts will take a look at some TV shows that do not get enough love. Also, FTF will look at some exciting games coming out at the end of 2014 going into (HOLY MOLEY!) 2015. Please check out my podcast Bro-est Bros You Knows. This week Klar and I will cover a little UFC and fantasy football… and a special guest will drop by to talk about something so shocking… you won’t believe what happens next! Until next time, remember, when in doubt just Face The Facts.

October 18, 2014

Bro-est Bros You Knows – Episode 4

The Bro-est Bros you know cover week 7 fantasy football and preview the World Series. Host Passion Nate and his wife Affection Nate read excerpts from their new novel Present Man.

October 17, 2014

Your Friday Jam: HippieLovePunk

Here at Vivid Karet, the greatest blog that is, we like to bring you the greatest that is of everything.  The greatest band that is just happens to be releasing their latest album (which will be the greatest album that is) this coming January and the first single off of the album became available this week to wet your appetite.  Listen to “Inbetweener” from The Departed over at Rolling Stone (for some reason I am unable to embed the song directly – Rolling Stone must really need the clicks…).  Friday Jams just keep rolling in the Red Dirt.


Pre-orders are up and running for HippieLovePunk over at The Departed’s website, and a little bird told me that the first 300 pre-orders will get a signed CD (but I’ve already pre-ordered mine, so that leaves 299 for the rest of you) – get on it, people.


Yep, here’s a chaser for the shot above – a little throw back Friday to possibly Cross Canadian Ragweed’s greatest song. Happy Friday, y’all.

October 15, 2014

Face The Facts – Episode 8: Tribute to the Royals

Fact- Lorde’s hit song “Royals” was inspired by a photograph of Kansas City Royal George Brett taken for National Geographic.


We may never be Royals, but we sure can all appreciate the show this squad has put on in the MLB playoffs. ALCS MVP Lorenzo Cain seemed superhuman, like he could cover the entire field by himself on defense! It also helps that his teammates were also zoned in, like three-time Golden Glove winner Alex Gordon, who had a highlight of a catch in the 5th inning in Game 4 against the Orioles. The pitching was phenomenal and the bullpen in particular was on shut down mode. They say speed kills, and these Royals have it to spare. This team is just rolling right now and all we can do is tag along for the ride.

It is incredible to think that they were actually down a run in the bottom of the 12th inning of the AL Wild Card game against the A’s. When they advanced they were considered underdogs against the Angels and again against the Orioles. Eight straight mother flip’n wins later, the Royals are headed to the World Series for the first time in 29 years! Congratulations Kansas City Royals, America loves a good underdog story, and you guys are giving us a great one. By the way, Paul Rudd, a big Royals fan, says the party is at his mother’s house.  Also since we led in with Lorde (Stan Marsh), here is her latest hit song, Push:

Fact- July 20th is national Lollipop day!

Google introduced the Motorola built Nexus 6 today, and it is by far the biggest Nexus phone that Google has released yet. It has a near 6-inch display, which puts it well into phablet territory joining the iPhone Plus and Galaxy Note series. With its super-sized screen, it should keep an identical profile to other popular phablets, much to the chagrin of skinny jeans aficionados. Yes, it is big, but credit Motorola for squeezing in an extra .5 inch of screen real estate into this sweet (lollipop) smartphone while maintaining similar dimensions to the recently released Iphone 6 Plus.

Google’s Nexus 6 is essentially a bigger, stronger, faster, Motorola X… and that is awesome! The Moto X was a nice surprise last year, and it looks like Motorola has hit on a special formula. Taking its cues from the Moto X design, the Nexus 6 has slim bezels and two front-facing speakers (money). It features a 2k resolution high definition display, which means all of your favorite Netflix shows and mobile games will look absolutely gorgeous.

The phone has a powerful Snapdragon 805 SoC 2.7GHz processor coupled with an Adreno 420 GPU which means it will be a multitasking monster and will also be able to handle even the most resource demanding applications. It will come with a 3220 mAh battery, and coupled with Project Volta energy-saving features, the Nexus should have a very impressive battery life. You can read all about the Nexus 6 here. The Nexus 6 should be available October 29th on the Google Play store and shortly thereafter through your service carrier.

The other big announcement is the newly revamped operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop. One of the big changes is what Google is calling Material Design, a slick new design language that will be featured across the Android UI. There is a great write-up on the new OS here. This may be the most significant OS overhaul by Android yet, and it aims to seamlessly integrate all of your Google devices.

The first devices to feature Android 5.0 Lollipop will be the Nexus 6 Motorola smartphone and the Nexus 9 HTC tablet. Verizon is also coming out with a beastly Motorola phone called the Droid Turbo, which will keep a similar form factor to the popular Motorola X (2nd Generation). This also means Motorola is ending the year on a high note, as the manufacturer of three of the best Android phones on the market.

Fact- People that read Vivid Karet tend to be closers.

So go get yourself a nice cup of coffee….segue-way… Zanahoria and I just received our order from Blip Roasters. On the next FTF we will review the coffee and grade it for its aroma, acidity, body and flavor. Also, you don’t get a motorcycle with your order… I am disappoint. I swear a Bro-est Bros You Knows is coming out soon. Please check out all of the other GREAT content on Vivid Karet, and for all things that are awesome, keep it here at Face The Facts.