Palm Beach Weekend

Palm Beach Weekend

Most women wear colorful clothes in Palm Beach, but despite my best efforts I’ve never been a Lily Pulitzer kind of girl (although I like it on others).  So a safe black and white is a good option.

I have a woven black clutch from Old Navy (I think) but I like this one with a strap in the $200 range.  These clutches with sea life on them are pretty fantastic.  I’m drawn to the one with the alligator, but the others could add a pop of color.  I also came across this clutch and this one  from Illinois-based Home Happens Here.

A white clutch could also work.  I like this Vince Camuto one and this one from Topshop.

There are very few wedge sandals that I like.  I try to find ones with a thinner heel so they don’t look huge.  The ones above are acceptable, although I like how they look in the picture above better than they do on the model. These come pretty close, but I prefer slip on wedges for practicality and because I feel like it elongates your leg.

For the dress, I really like this t-shirt dress by Allen Schwartz and this dress found on Zappos.  If you’re willing to spend a little more, this MILLY dress is very chic.

The item on the bottom right is actually a bracelet (not a belt).  I think it completes the look nicely.


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