A weeknight out

A weeknight out

This is something I’ve worn on a casual weeknight out to the restaurant across the street.  If you want to be a little nicer, you can replace the leggings with something slightly more presentable – like some fun Caché pants or a pair of skinny jeans.

Crazily enough, I got a foot injury at soccer that made it much easier/less painful to wear heels than flats.  So I ended up wearing a pair of black pumps with silver back.  These Jimmy Choos have similar coloring, and so do these from DSW in a more moderate price range.

Instead of this blue top, I had a similarly shaped gray top that I found (unbelievably) at a thrift shop several years ago.  It’s my favorite sweater ever.  I couldn’t really find anything else like it online, but this sweater comes close.  Victoria’s Secret also has a low key option.

The leather jacket is something I got pretty recently, and mine is slightly different.  Belle from Capitol Hill Style has some good tips on how to select a leather jacket.  I love how the ruffle makes it a little more feminine.  I also got mine tailored – something I usually have to do for jackets.  Here’s a useful post on tailoring from Recovering Shopaholic.


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