Vivid Karet Vodka Series: Grapefruit and Raspberry

Grapefruit and raspberries

This week, we made vodka infused with grapefruit and raspberries.  We used a cup of frozen raspberries, because it’s what we had on hand, and we peeled one grapefruit before we put it in our handle of vodka.

We recommend using Skyy vodka, because it comes in a blue bottle.  The raspberries will turn white and look gross, and the blue bottle will hide them.  After you put in the fruit, we put the little plastic piece at the top of the bottle back in.  This kept stray raspberries from coming out when we poured it.

grapefruit raspberry

We mixed with one-part vodka, one-part ginger ale, and added some more frozen raspberries. Enjoy!


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