Vivid Karet Vodka Series – Cucumber

Tonight we bring you the epic adventures of Vivid Karet.

We will bring you knives.
We will bring you wood.
We will bring you carbonated beverages.

Let us be clear.  The knives are for cutting vegetables.  The wood is the medium upon which we cut the vegetables.  The carbonated beverages… well just wait and see.

How to make cucumber vodka – a refreshing summer drink.

Cucumber Vodka 1

1. Cut up your cucumber.


2. Send your husband/roommate out to get some vodka.


3. Pick a fun water bottle to use as a container.
4. Add the cucumber to the vodka.

5. …Let sit for at least seven hours.

6. Maybe two hours.

Cucumber Vodka 4


7. Mix:
Two shots ginger ale or sprite
One shot cucumber vodka

There was major disagreement about which we liked better.
Marchewka and Choiloi liked the ginger ale, and Zanahoria and Klar liked the sprite best.

A special shout out must go to our friend Michael D. who originally inspired our infusion series.


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