Face The Facts – Episode 3: #RedMamba

Face The Facts

I said I’d be back. Anyways, it is time for me to face the facts, I am Charles Barkley “Turrible” at predicting the outcome of All-star events. It was still a pretty good performance from the Rockets that participated and the West won the All-Stars. The dunk contest was underwhelming, but that may just be me over-hyping it in my mind. The Red Mamba didn’t win it for me, but he still won a bunch of swag points for this:



So yeah, H-town put on a hell of a show and the Fall Out Boys performance was surprisingly appropriate. Even Kobe Bryant said “Houston should be very, very proud of their city (for) the way they set this whole All-Star weekend up.” Does that give what I said more credibility? No,  probably not. But that was a compliment coming from a guy that has a hard time talking about anything other than himself, so if Houston was able to make him less self-absorbed for even a few seconds, the city did us all a great service.




As we all know, tonight plays host to a once in a generation event. That’s right, the announcement of Sony’s next line of  gaming consoles. Welcome to the next generation of gaming. There have already been some leaks on the Playstation 4 and it looks like the next-gen will focus on Cloud based gaming and eliminate the used game market. This may mean cheaper up front costs and pricing tiers with in-game pay to play options. Don’t be surprised to see smart-phone and tablet integration as well as a built in “Move” system.

As I know many of you will be turning in for this historic event, I thought I might gift you with a drinking game courtesy of IGN.com (seriously check them out, they are awesome).



Face The Facts will be back at some point in the future with some thoughts on what the next generation of consoles means for us gamers and the non-gamers as well as videos and highlights from tonight’s big expo. FTF will also be talking about basketball. Tomorrow is the NBA trade deadline, so be sure to tune in to see what players may be moving from your favorite teams and what it could mean for the playoff race going forward.

(**UPDATE- Three team trade and Houston Rockets get Thomas Robinson, 5th overall pick of last year’s draft *UPDATE- Marcus Morris of the Houston Rockets appears to be traded).  This guy (possibly Rockets bound) knows what’s up:



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