If you drop your iPhone in a cup of water

If you’re late for work and your iPhone falls in a cup of water because you forgot your Starbucks cold cup and the microphone ceases working, don’t panic.  Just turn it off, put it in the freezer overnight, and pray.*  A coworker suggested that next time this happens, I should also put the phone in rice in the freezer.**

Then take it out in the morning, turn it on, and it will be fixed (hopefully).***

*Don’t listen to your skeptical friends who don’t believe in these scientific methods.
**If you take your iPhone swimming in the ocean for 45 minutes, it may take a little longer than one night in the freezer.  Here are some helpful tips if you’re in a dire situation.  AppleCare doesn’t cover damage caused by liquids.
***At least this is what happened to me.  


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