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July 29, 2012

If you drop your iPhone in a cup of water

If you’re late for work and your iPhone falls in a cup of water because you forgot your Starbucks cold cup and the microphone ceases working, don’t panic.  Just turn it off, put it in the freezer overnight, and pray.*  A coworker suggested that next time this happens, I should also put the phone in rice in the freezer.**

Then take it out in the morning, turn it on, and it will be fixed (hopefully).***

*Don’t listen to your skeptical friends who don’t believe in these scientific methods.
**If you take your iPhone swimming in the ocean for 45 minutes, it may take a little longer than one night in the freezer.  Here are some helpful tips if you’re in a dire situation.  AppleCare doesn’t cover damage caused by liquids.
***At least this is what happened to me.  

July 26, 2012

An amazing margarita by Choiloi

My favorite drink for a while has been the “Amor Prohibido” from Front Page:

100% agave tequila, passion fruit, ginger and a hint of jalepeno served up

That said, I don’t particularly enjoy heading down to Front Page on a regular basis.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and put some jalepenos in my tequila at home.  After a couple weeks, choiloi broke it out and made me an amazing margarita:

One shot of jalepeno-infused tequila
One shot of Triple sec
Splash of lime juice
A little honey
A little coriander

Put it in the Margaritaville, and you’re all set.  Or pour over ice.

July 15, 2012

Man of Steel

Don’t tell marchewka, but I am not writing my last law school paper for the summer semester right now, even though it is due tomorrow.  I’ve been working on it all day (with occasional breaks to check in on the Texas Rangers game – they’re currently up 4-0 in the bottom of the 8th).  Right now, though, I am reading about all of the awesome stuff that I’m missing at the San Diego Comic Con.

Basically the greatest news possible came out yesterday – the trailer for “Man of Steel”, the Zac Snyder directed Superman reboot coming out next summer, will preview ahead of “The Dark Knight Rises”.  So as if you didn’t have enough reason to go watch Batman on Friday, now you have even more.

Up, up, and away.

Faster than a speeding bullet…

July 13, 2012

Rehoboth Beach

Favorite conversation from our weekend at the beach (which was lovely):

CHOILOI: Yes, I’d like a gyro [pronounced yeer-oh] and a large iced tea.

FOOD STAND MAN: Pauses, confused, then a look of enlightenment. Oh! You mean a JIE-ro. [“Jie” is pronounced like “pie.”]

CHOILOI: Yeah. But I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced yeer-oh.

FOOD STAND MAN: Looking at CHOILOI like he’s grown a third ear. I’ve never heard that.

GIRL IN LINE: To her friend. Yeer-oh? Weird. Must be an east coast thing.