Glass coasters for air plants

So I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest lately. Wayyyyy too much time spent there, and there’s no way I’ll actually do all 275 pins that I have. But today I did something crafty, and decided it should go up so the world could enjoy.

“Why,” you might say, “what cute plants! And what gorgeous glass coasters they’re in!”

Well, the plants are awesome–I ordered them from The Air Plant Shop  (used coupon code KELLI for 20% off total, and spent $40 to get free shipping…$2/plant. I saw them at the nursery last week for $5.99 each) and they came in the mail today. SUPER cute, and packaged really neatly in smart little tissue paper envelopes.

So with 20 air plants I had to come up with some nifty holders. Some of them are long and pokey, and need to be stuck into something that will keep them upright. Others, like the ones above, are kind of short and fat, and will plop right into any old thing.

I’d cleaned out a bunch of jar candles a few months ago, and had the lids lying around. If you don’t hang on to things, you can also find them on They look like this:

null Just use a flathead screwdriver to pop off the plastic stopper/grommet things, and you have yourself an easily-cleaned, modern-style plant holder. I also have used a few for votive candle holders, and they look great in the candlelight.

Anyway–that was as productive as I got today. So boo!


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