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April 28, 2012

A new activity for Friday nights

So when the girls go out for champagne and literature club, and come home with extra energy…

…we usually find a new activity.  Here’s what we did this time:

April 23, 2012

Sunday School Skit: Legion

Sunday School Skit:
Jesus Heals a Demon-Possessed Man
(Luke 8: 26-39)

Characters: Narrator, Village Person 1, 2, &3, Demons 1, 2, &3, Jesus, Man

Narrator: Jesus and his followers sailed to the region of the Gerasenes, which is across the lake from Galilee. When Jesus stepped ashore, he was met by a demon-possessed man from the town.

Village Person 1: Oh no, it’s the crazy guy.

Village Person 2: Yeah, he hasn’t worn clothes or lived in a house for a long time, but he’s been living in the graveyard.

Village Person 3: Even when he has been chained hand and foot and kept under guard, he has broken his chains and has been driven by the demon into places by himself.

Narrator: When the possessed man saw Jesus, he cried out and fell at his feet.

Demon 1: What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I beg you, don’t torture me!

Narrator: He said this because Jesus has commanded the demons to come out of the man.

Jesus: What is your name?

Demons 1, 2, and 3: Legion.

Narrator: They said Legion, because there were many demons in this man.

Demon 2: Please don’t send us into the Abyss!

Demon 3: Please send us into those pigs over there instead!!

Jesus: Very well, you have my permission to go into the pigs.

Narrator:  When the demons came out of the man, they went into the pigs, and the herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and was drowned.

Village Person 1:  Wow, I’m going to go tell everyone else in the village what just happened!!

Man: Jesus, thank you for healing me!

Village Person 2: Wow, the demon-possessed man is now wearing clothes, and he’s not crazy any more!

Village Person 3: Jesus, please leave us!  We’re afraid!

Jesus:  Ok, I will leave then.

Man: Jesus, can I come with you?

Jesus: No, but go home and tell everyone how much God has done for you.

Man: I definitely will!

Narrator: Then Jesus left the town.

April 22, 2012

The Limousines

I found out about the Limousines when they were on tour with the Sounds (my favorite band ever).  The Limousines are pretty awesome, and there is now a dedication to Vivid Karet in their Scrapbook EP.

April 22, 2012

Better Than You (and you and you and you)

Law school finals really suck, so I am going to take a break and write a paragraph about something different for a few minutes…

The Texas Rangers, seemingly forever the laughingstock of Major League Baseball, are currently sitting on a MLB best record of 12 wins to only 3 losses.  As a long suffering Rangers fan, I hardly know what to do with myself now that my team is simply the best in baseball.  Sure we lost the last two Word Series,  but we MADE THE WORLD SERIES TWO YEARS IN A ROW.  And this team looks to be the best the Rangers have ever fielded – there are no weaknesses.  They either lead or place second in the AL in almost every major offensive category as well as almost every major pitching category.

For the first time, the below video applies to the Texas Rangers, and I am very thankful for it (and will rub it in as much as I possibly can).