NBA Trade Talk

Now that the NBA lock-out is over the trade winds are blowing and threatening to turn into a full-fledged tornado, hurricane, monsoon, or whatever a huge storm is called in your part of the world.  Will Chris Paul go to Boston?  (No)  Is Rondo on the trade-block? (Perhaps)  Is anyone joining Williams in NJ?  (Of course not – why would anyone move to Jersey?)

I don’t care what these other teams are doing – all their machinations are simply futile attempts at remaining relevant.  (What, there’s a team in LA?  Is that where that kid from Oklahoma plays?)  The only teams that matter reside in the great Republic of Texas – The glorious-and-awesome San Antonio Spurs and the pretty-good-in-their-own-right Houston Rockets.

First the Spurs.  Talk started this summer and in recent days has grown to a tsunami of rumors and loud whispers that Oklahoma City has their sites set on acquiring Richard Jefferson from the Spurs.  In return, the Spurs would take on the huge contract of Kevin Durant, who has said that he would love to come home to Texas.  After all, he did burn the nets at UT just a few miles north of San Antonio.  However, such a stupid trade would NEVER happen.  I mean, RJ for Durant?  Why would anyone be so dumb?

Wouldn't he look great sitting next to Timmy at a post-game press conference? Maybe he could carry wine bottles for Pop in his backpack.

The Rockets are also looking to shake up their roster by trading away the overachieving and immensely talented Hasheem Thabeet to the Orlando Magic for the man-child called Dwight Howard.  The expected move to Houston should work wonders on Howard’s post moves as he will be playing next to future first-ballot hall-of-famer LUUUUUUIIIIIIIIIISSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSCCCCOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLAAAAA!!!!!!!!!  Unfortunately, like the Spurs trade talk, this trade seems to be only wishful thinking.  Howard will most likely go to the aforementioned team in LA and win like a gazillion championships while the Rockets wallow in mediocrity for years to come.

Just picture this as a practice session. Scola is owning "Superman".


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