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December 26, 2011

And the NBA is Back

This Christmas season I am thankful for the return of the NBA.  I am currently watching the Spurs first game of the season while sipping a pint of Burton Baton (from the wonderful Dogfish Head brewery).

Let’s do this.

In the first half Richard Jefferson has come out letting all shots fly and the Spurs’ rookie, Kawhi Leonard, has proven himself to be an insanely high octane player with his long arms getting involved in seemingly every play.  After starting slowly, MAAAAAANNUUUUUU!!!!  has started to light up, sinking a pair of threes along with his always stellar defense.

And this video is in case you didn’t see Rose break the Lakers heart yesterday.

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2011

No more fruitcake

Are you sick of fruitcake and want something else to send to relatives, etc?  If so, I recommend Mallon’s Sticky Buns.  

Each summer, my family spends a week in Ocean City, NJ with my godmother and her family, and sticky buns have become somewhat of a breakfast tradition.  What I did not realize until I checked mail the other day was that it is possible to order these online and send them to people for Christmas.  (A big thank you to my godmother!!!)

I have also found that these sticky buns go well with Mystic Monk coffee. We’re in the coffee of the month club, so we don’t have to ever fear running out of coffee in the morning (which would be a seriously tragic situation).

Another fun coffee I would recommend is actually also from Ocean City  – Ocean City Coffee Company makes banana flavored coffee – yum!

December 4, 2011

Sunday School Skit: Joseph in Egypt Part I

This skit was great for my 4th grade Sunday School class, because there were 11 parts, and almost everyone got to participate.  It’s also great for a teacher who didn’t get any sleep the night before Sunday morning class.

Zanahoria3 and I especially enjoy the seduction scene.  🙂

PDF: Skit – Joseph in Egypt, Part I

Joseph in Egypt
Characters: Narrator, Merchant, Potiphar, God, Joseph, Mrs. Potiphar, Guard, Butler, Baker, Pharaoh, Magician, Wise Man

 Narrator: Joseph’s brothers were jealous, and sold him to merchants.

 (Enter Merchant, Potiphar, Joseph, and God.)

Merchant:  Hi Potiphar, would you like to buy Joseph?

Potiphar: Sure, he can be my servant.  He should like being my servant, because I’m  a very important person in Egypt.  I’m Pharaoh’s officer and captain of the guard.

 (Joseph goes with Potiphar, Merchant exits.)

God: I am going to bless Potiphar’s house, because Joseph is living there.

Potiphar:  I like Joseph, because he’s a really good servant.  I’m going to let him take care of all of my things.

Joseph: Sounds good!

 (Potiphar exits, Mrs. Potiphar enters.)

Mrs. Potiphar: Hm, I kind of like this Joseph… Joseph, do you want to fall in love with me?

Joseph:  It would be a very grave sin against God to fall in love with you!  How could  I hurt Potiphar and sin against God?

Mrs. Potiphar:  Very well, then. Goodbye!

(Joseph exits.)

Mrs. Potiphar:  I am mad at Joseph now, because I didn’t get my way.  Hmmm, I have an idea.

(Potiphar enters, and Mrs. Potiphar goes over to him.)

Mrs. Potiphar: Your servant Joseph came into the house to make fun of me, and when I cried, he ran away.  I’m really upset now.

Potiphar:  I am so mad!  Joseph, come here!

(Joseph enters, and guard enters.)

Joseph:  Hi Potiphar, what’s up?

Potiphar: I am hereby sending you to prison!!

Joseph: What?!  Why??

Guard: Come on, Joseph, let’s go.

(Guard takes away Joseph.  Potiphar and Mrs. Potiphar exit.)

God: Oh dear, Joseph is in prison.  I will bless him even in this bad situation, and I will make the prison guard think well of him.

Guard:  I like Joseph so much that I’m going to put him in charge of all the other prisoners.  But the butler and the baker have offended Pharaoh, so they have to go to prison, too.

(The Butler and the Baker enter and stand with Joseph).

Butler: I had a strange dream last night.

Baker: Me too.

Butler: But we have no one to interpret it for us.

Joseph:  Dreams can come from God, and I can interpret it for you.

Butler: In my dream, there was a vine with 3 branches.  It budded, made flowers, and then grapes grew.  I was holding Pharaoh’s cup and I squeezed the grapes into his cup, and gave it to Pharaoh.

Joseph:  The 3 branches are 3 days.  Within 3 days, Pharaoh will take you out of prison, and you will be his butler again.  You will give him his cup, just as you used to do.

Butler:  That’s awesome.

Joseph:  But when you go back to Pharaoh, please mention me to him, and ask him to get me out of prison.  I was stolen away from the land of the Hebrews, and I didn’t do anything deserving of prison.

Butler:  Ok!

Baker:  Joseph, can you interpret my dream now?

Joseph: Sure.

Baker:  In my dream, there were 3 baskets of bread on my head.  In the top basket, there were baked goods for Pharaoh, and the birds ate them out of the basket on my head.

Joseph:  The 3 baskets are 3 days.  In 3 days, Pharaoh will have you hanged and the birds will eat you.

Baker: Oh, how horrible!

(Joseph, Baker, and Butler exit.)

Narrator:  In 3 days, Pharaoh made a feast for all his servants.  He took the butler out of prison and made him a butler again, and he hanged the chief baker, just as Joseph had said.  Then two years went by.

(Pharaoh, Butler, Wise Man, and Magician enter.)

Pharaoh: I had a strange dream last night.  I was standing near the Nile river, and 7 fat, healthy cows came out of the river and grazed.  After that, 7 thin, scrawny cows came out of the river and ate up the fat cows.

Narrator:  The next night, Pharaoh had another strange dream.

Pharaoh: In this dream, 7 ears of corn came up on one stalk.  Then 7 small, unhealthy ears of corn came up and swallowed the healthy ones.

Magician: I have no idea what these dreams mean.

Wise Man:  Me neither.

Pharaoh: Then who can interpret the dreams for me?

Butler: I have an idea!  I know this guy Joseph that once interpreted a few dreams correctly.

Pharaoh: Send for Joseph!

(Guard enters with Joseph.)

Pharaoh:  Joseph, can you interpret my dreams for me?

Joseph: I don’t have the power to interpret this dream, but God can give you an answer.  It looks like these two dreams mean the same thing.  God is trying to show you what he’s going to do.

Pharaoh: What will God do?

Joseph: The 7 fat cows and healthy ears of corn represent 7 years of great plenty, and the 7 scrawny cows and small ears of corn represent 7 years of famine.

Pharaoh: So what should we do?

Joseph:  You should probably gather extra food during the 7 good years, and then you’ll have this extra food for the years of famine.

Pharaoh:  That sounds like a good idea.  You can be in charge of doing this, and all my people will be ruled by you.

Joseph: Ok! This sure beats prison!

PDF: Skit – Joseph in Egypt, Part I

December 1, 2011

NBA Trade Talk

Now that the NBA lock-out is over the trade winds are blowing and threatening to turn into a full-fledged tornado, hurricane, monsoon, or whatever a huge storm is called in your part of the world.  Will Chris Paul go to Boston?  (No)  Is Rondo on the trade-block? (Perhaps)  Is anyone joining Williams in NJ?  (Of course not – why would anyone move to Jersey?)

I don’t care what these other teams are doing – all their machinations are simply futile attempts at remaining relevant.  (What, there’s a team in LA?  Is that where that kid from Oklahoma plays?)  The only teams that matter reside in the great Republic of Texas – The glorious-and-awesome San Antonio Spurs and the pretty-good-in-their-own-right Houston Rockets.

First the Spurs.  Talk started this summer and in recent days has grown to a tsunami of rumors and loud whispers that Oklahoma City has their sites set on acquiring Richard Jefferson from the Spurs.  In return, the Spurs would take on the huge contract of Kevin Durant, who has said that he would love to come home to Texas.  After all, he did burn the nets at UT just a few miles north of San Antonio.  However, such a stupid trade would NEVER happen.  I mean, RJ for Durant?  Why would anyone be so dumb?

Wouldn't he look great sitting next to Timmy at a post-game press conference? Maybe he could carry wine bottles for Pop in his backpack.

The Rockets are also looking to shake up their roster by trading away the overachieving and immensely talented Hasheem Thabeet to the Orlando Magic for the man-child called Dwight Howard.  The expected move to Houston should work wonders on Howard’s post moves as he will be playing next to future first-ballot hall-of-famer LUUUUUUIIIIIIIIIISSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSCCCCOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLAAAAA!!!!!!!!!  Unfortunately, like the Spurs trade talk, this trade seems to be only wishful thinking.  Howard will most likely go to the aforementioned team in LA and win like a gazillion championships while the Rockets wallow in mediocrity for years to come.

Just picture this as a practice session. Scola is owning "Superman".