Czech Embassy

It has been said that, however jaded Washingtonians may be, they always love going to an embassy event.  And some of us are even willing to traipse around to multiple embassies during the spring for Shortcut to Europe and the Around the World Embassy tour.  🙂 I did both of these this past spring and danced, watched Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, learned a fantastic drink recipe, and met an awesome Australian family.  Best of all, the British embassy gave me a free soccer ball and inspired me to start playing soccer again this fall.

While Massachusetts Ave. is known as Embassy Row, there are random embassies sprinkled around the city, often in unexpected places.  Most recently, I visited the Embassy of the Czech Republic, which is here:

Very convenient for driving and plenty of parking – the Czechs really lucked out.  And it’s tucked away right near Rock Creek Parkway, and is surrounded by tons of beautiful foliage.  The embassy itself is modern and light, but the Ambassador’s residence is pretty awesome with a beautiful pool.

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2 Comments to “Czech Embassy”

  1. How to say…I shovel the… No… What is the Eeengleesh… I dig the pool.

  2. Looks fun.

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